Flipping tables

First Timers

As we move through the various phases of our twentysomething lives, the spaces in which we work morph with us. As college students, our lives are continually in transition. Nothing is permanent, and things are changing. We adapt and carve out new spaces. But massive amounts of change can be
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A sin syllabus

Deadly Sins of Berkeley

Somewhere — probably in multiple places — some cranky old priest is lamenting the fact that college campuses have become petri dishes of sin. Well, he’s right. You are all sinners. And you don’t plan on stopping any time soon, do you? When we discuss sin, the fabled seven grievous
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The nuttiness of contraception

A Penny for your Bullshit

Welp, now you’ve done it: You’ve gone and screwed up your summer by reading. But because you’re here, I may as well lead you further down the path to ruin. Seriously, though — go outside at least once, for the love of all that’s good! Still reading? Didn’t feel like
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Two lives in one

Stale Off the Boat

Being an adult isn’t having the freedom to choose; it’s the responsibility to make the right choice. When it comes to decisions of culture, of relationships, of love and of trust, it’s easy to want to have the freedoms of being an adult, but it’s extremely difficult to make the
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Off the beat: I don’t mind my mind

Your first panic attack commences a lifelong commitment — one you never signed up for. Maybe you’re one of the lucky few who experience just one in a lifetime, but the terror that follows will forever linger. You never want to feel that way again: trapped inside yourself and desperate
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Off the beat: On behalf of China

On behalf of China, I’d like to apologize to all the rest of Asia for Shanghei-ing the Western image of “Asian.” Really, truly sorry. You see, rest of Asia, a solid geographical understanding is hard to come by in the States, and the resolve to get one on your own
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Off the beat: We fall before we fly

I always thought that riding a bike was the closest any of us could come to flying. I was the last of my elementary school friends to learn how to ride a bike, shedding my training wheels the summer before entering fourth grade. My mother wouldn’t let me try riding
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Off the beat: Cut the dick shaming

“Is it still redeemable? Third time’s the charm” read the message I sent to a guy in my building whom I’d turned down twice before. I then immediately shut off my phone for 10 minutes for fear of the rejection that might follow. If I hadn’t, I would have been
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Off the beat: Love and Farmville

I met Claudia on Farmville. I was living in Reno, working in sales for a home shopping channel, and she lived with her son in Mexico City, where she was a teacher. I would stop by and water her garden, and we started chatting when we saw each other online.
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Off the beat: Coffee and me

I raised the smooth glass to my lips, felt the inky brown coffee slide down the back of my throat. Bitter and warm. I wrapped my hands around the clear glass and peered around the cafe. It was 5 p.m. on a Sunday, and Cafe Milano was packed like a
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