Have your butt and eat it, too

Sex on Tuesday

“Stick it in my butt.” That was the first time someone asked me to even acknowledge his asshole during sex, let alone stick my finger where the sun doesn’t shine. Read More…


Where healthcare meets Halacha

Thinking Theology

To some, these tidbits of Jewish law might be just antiquated statements written a century to thousands of years ago. But, for me — and I’m sure for members of other faiths — they’re a reminder that religious authorities believed providing for people’s needs, confronting unequal access to healthcare and alleviating poverty, is more than just a nice practice, but a God-given mandate. Read More…


On Samaritans and stories

The New Age Bard

We are new-wave, radical, cutting-edge. We are modern. We are postmodern. Ensnared in a web of social media, modern appliances and an increasing variety of processed food options, we navigate layers of reality that our parents don’t even know exist. Read More…


On freeing the nipple

Sex on Tuesday

Someone walked up to me once on a rainy day and said, “Hey, there. I don’t mean to be rude, but I think you forgot to put a bra on today.” Read More…


Between black and white

Thinking Theology

As kids, we like our world to be black and white. We want good guys to don capes and bad guys to twirl mustaches. We prefer answers from our parents like “yes” and “no” instead of the far more mystifying “maybe.” Read More…


Off the beat: On loss and open wounds

Autumn is always the hardest time of the year for me. This I can say with a certainty that is shockingly absent from my life — I can hardly decide what to wear each day and can barely hold my laughter when people ask me what I want to do with my future, but I can say with authority that fall is the most heartbreaking season. Read More…


Off the beat: Reading beyond the ranks

To no one’s surprise, UC Berkeley ranked first among public universities in the nation last week. That was according to U.S. News and World Report’s 2015 edition of their annual list. The campus swelled with pride, links were shared around Facebook and Twitter, and high school students — and their Read More…

Off the beat: Remember to meet your meat

I’ve yet to feel the deep, urgent repulsion toward meat products that seems to be the aim of so much vegan propaganda. I’ve also not entirely been taken up by the food movement’s tempting moral asylum available by eating free-range, antibiotic-free, organic and local animals. Read More…


Off the beat: What we say really matters

There is a good deal of research suggesting that our ability to properly understand abstract concepts and complex spatial relationships depends, in large part, on our ability to combine much simpler concepts and relationships using language. Moreover, the use of language to attempt to shape how and what we think is by no means a new concept. Read More…