Why we should be selling sex

Sex on Tuesday

Prostitution, what some might consider to be humanity’s oldest occupation, is today heavily scrutinized as an immoral and deviant form of objectifying one’s body for money. Read More…


My personal ode to Berkeley

Hungry and Foolish

Let’s end this week’s opinion column round table with a pretty simple question: When’s the last time you left Berkeley? And, no, I don’t mean to stop off at the Missouri Lounge or some other locale that requires you to travel a mere stone’s throw from campus. Read More…


Idealism flocks to “This Town” — to die

Loyal Opposition

As students of a top-tier university, it is the responsibility of those of us who do go to work in D.C. — whether libertarian, progressive or anything in between — that we work to make government, at any level, more than just an exercise in power and ego. Read More…


Learning in, and from, Korea

Social Double-take

Wind the clock back 13 years and look halfway across the globe, and you’ll find me: a curious and eager 6-year-old girl in Seoul, South Korea’s capital. If it’s a Saturday, you’re in luck. My Saturdays weren’t filled with morning cartoons and the full-fledged satisfaction in the arrival of the Read More…


Corporations are people, too

Loyal Opposition

“Government,” as the saying goes, “is just a word for things we do together.” That may be so. But “Corporation,” as David Burge once quipped, “is just a word for things we do together voluntarily.” Read More…