Fairly normal

San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair: a multi-block assemblage of kinky bedroom props suppliers, alternative music performances, on-stage flogging and whipping, food, drinks, a women’s area and a lot-a lot-a lot of leather. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Folsom Street Fair is a leather and fetish extravaganza. While I wasn’t able
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The price of a free lunch

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. You’re a high school senior sitting in economics class with just about anything but markets on your mind. Indeed, your malignant case of senioritis has infected your brain to the extent that it contains little more than cravings to graduate, schemes to get
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Pinnacle of sexual design?

During a recent post-lecture hookup, I remembered an article I had read a couple of years ago about the shape of the human penis. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t bored, but working some handy magic down his basketball shorts definitely made it natural for the shape of it to
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Livin’ in a gamer’s paradise

They are everywhere. They walk among us in the daytime and appear no different from you or I — they are neighbors, friends and co-workers. But come dusk they undergo a startling transformation. They occupy the back rooms and clandestine chambers of your cities, passing ghostlike through the streets and
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Nina Brown

Tearing down the red tape

Over the past six months, I have become fluent in legalese. I have drafted pages of insurance agreements, paraphrased policy and translated liability contracts into French. I have spoken to every vice chancellor, deputy manager and passive-aggressive telephone operator in the Bay Area and beyond. I have learned to navigate
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Accept the condom, love the condom

Alright, I know many of you – both girls and boys – are already rolling your eyes and thinking about how much you hate having sex with condoms, how it doesn’t feel as good (or “natural”), how you might not even feel anything and that you’re just not going to
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Christopher Coulter Columnist

NorCal versus SoCal: The Pledge of Allegiance

Somewhere between the nebula of moral affluence known as the San Francisco Bay Area and the carnal wasteland of human indiscretion that currently infests Santa Barbara County southward is a place that divides the region fondly referred to as NorCal and that other regrettable area — SoCal. Due to its location
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SEX ON TUESDAY: Longing for simpler times

My first sexual experiences happened in parked cars in the suburbs of Southern California. Usually a Strokes song was playing, my head would hit the roof at least five or six times and neither of us really knew what we were doing. On the drives back home, I remember dreaming
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It’s a hard-knock life

On a Thursday night, as we sipped our beers at a local bar and the conversational naturally turned to my favorite subject, my girlfriend almost complained that if she and her boyfriend “don’t have sex for like two days, he goes crazy and whatnot!” Well, frankly, I would — and
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Biting with freethought

I get flipped off every Tuesday afternoon on Sproul Plaza. Why, you might ask, does such an irregular event occur to me on such a regular basis? The answer, dear reader, is that I am a libertarian at one of the most notoriously liberal universities in the nation: our beloved
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