Looking at the big picture

This semester, I took an inside look at the bureaucratic mechanisms of the UC Berkeley campus. I heard individual stories, examined some of the campus’s biggest — and often most cumbersome — administrative institutions and learned both about the hassles of red tape and the successes of a system that
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How to spot a heathen

At this present time in the United States, non-religious atheists, agnostics and other non-believers make up over 16 percent of the population, according to Pew Research Center data. This is to say that currently in America, the fourth largest religious tradition is not to adhere to any religious beliefs at
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Sex is the biggest nothing

I have a friend who dated this asexual guy for roughly three years. Most people suspected he was gay, others thought he had some type of little child syndrome and she guessed he was just shy. He would never initiate anything sexually, and the few times they did make love, the
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Fighting the campus army

Given Insight

Oh Berkeley, you fickle mistress! I thought that I had seen every side of you, my dear. We’ve endured so much together over the past three years — a social security scam, an endless array of protests, several building occupations and even a riot. By now, I figured that I’d
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Greenlighting the blacklist


Thanksgiving is upon us once again, and indeed that fact alone is something to be thankful for. I certainly do not have to remind anyone of the gastronomical considerations — but because the holiday is centered on the enjoyment of the mass consumption of delicious food, our first reaction is
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Going down to Chinatown

Sex on Tuesday

Whether the stereotype is the geisha girl, the China doll or the concubine, East Asian women have been hypersexualized and fantasized to be submissive, domestic and coquettish by Western media for quite some time now. Cio-Cio San kills herself in Giaconomo Puccini’s opera “Madama Butterfly” when her lover, the white
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Deconstructing occupation

I’m a rhetoric major, which always seems to beg the same question from snickering science students: “What do you plan to do with that?” While I would like to think that Michel Foucault’s insights on power could help me in a job interview one day, I realize that most of
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Some clearer thoughts on superficiailty

I don’t normally do this because, frankly, I don’t care enough to, but I really would like to clarify something. Recently, I wrote a piece about superficiality in the world of casual sex, and included a personal anecdote. Unfortunately, I’ve realized, after a friend told me about some his teammates’
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Cheating for fun & profit

Truels of Engagement

Hey, you! Yes, you — mediocre gamer. Yes, that’s right, I know all about you. You’re tired of being beaten by luckier, more skillful opponents, right? Do all of your friends joke that you’re just paying for the company at your weekly poker game? Is a nerd who figured out
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Eliminating test options

On Oct. 7, David White, director of a nonprofit that provides test prep for graduate school hopefuls, received a shocking email. The Berkeley Faculty Club, which had rented space to the organization since the early 1990s, was terminating their business relationship. The declaration came without warning or justification for the
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