A rule of thumb for nuclear war

Pressing Restart

Look toward the horizon. Close one eye. Stick out your arm and hold your thumb over the mushroom cloud looming in the distance. If the cloud is bigger than your thumb, run. Run as fast as you can. This “rule of thumb” has been circulated online as an underground survival
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Nicole Kim Mug

Wake up call

Berkeley Got Back

UC Berkeley’s bureaucratic skin has gradually toughened, overshadowing our individual impact as students and faculty.
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Labor pains

Your Mom Goes to College

With an epidural catheter inserted in my lower back and a MacBook placed strategically on my lap, I promptly registered for my next semester of classes between dulled contractions.
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Rewind, press play

Off the Beat

Movies are my own vantage points into the past. Rather than the photo albums my mom meticulously keeps or the half-scribbled-in diaries I sometimes find around my childhood room, movies are access points from which I can tap into my past.
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How to train a racist

Off the Beat

We spend 12+ years learning about how we owe every modern invention, from the ranked-choice voting system to the panini press, to white people.
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