How to identify a phone addict

My relationship with my phone became more concerning once I realized that I wasn’t really talking to any of my friends. Instead of technology allowing me to be more social, it became a shield to save me from communicating with people around me.
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Learning, but in Spanish

Off the Beat

Sra. Lyons’ contradictory energy, both welcoming and ready to kick my ass, left me awestruck as I scratched lessons on the subjunctive tense into my notes.
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Welcome to my glittery, pink life

Off the Beat

I spent my last days before I moved into my new apartment at my aunt’s house in San Jose eating Costco pizza, waiting impatiently to go back to Berkeley and chatting with my younger cousins about our favorite cartoon characters. They loved Doc McStuffins, and I still missed Jenny from
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Naked in public

The Sidebar

Writing this column has not only forced me to confront one of the most private things in my life but also to do it in view of the whole fucking school. It’s like getting naked in public every week — everybody can see everything.
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The faces of autism

The Person Inside

We are developmentally all over the place in almost every aspect of our lives. So where do we fit in on this giant spectrum?
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Bringing something new

Sex on Tuesday

My vaginismus sucks. But in coping with this condition, I’ve tried to find the positive — and for me, that positive is experimenting with new sexual acts.
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An uncertain future

Document This

The truth is that I am unsure what comes after my graduation because my future isn’t completely in my hands. My future is tied to the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA.
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Breaking from tradition

Cal in Color

The family practices I saw on “Full House” and other American TV shows couldn’t apply to my own family because of our drastic cultural differences.
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