I hope you never read this

Off The Beat

When I opened my inbox to a thank-you email from a reader two years ago, I paused. It was significant for two reasons. First, it told me the thoughts I had expressed were valid. Second, it convinced me I needed to write.
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Confessions of a campus ambassador

Off the Beat

When I lead visitors around the campus, I try to make them laugh. I help them imagine the best of Berkeley if they come here — the classes they’d take, the people they’d meet, the clubs they’d join.
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The UC needs to work with its workers to provide basic resources

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The UC system must show that it values its most fundamental workers

The UC’s failure to act has led to U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, D-California, backing out of speaking at UC Berkeley’s 2018 commencement ceremony. Although this news disappointed many graduating seniors, it has rightly elevated the urgency of this issue.
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Putting quality education in reach starts early

What do UC Berkeley students and children ages 0 to 5 have in common?

The cost of quality education keeps rising for both of us, and too many California children and young adults will never make it into the preschool classrooms or onto the college campuses that are critical to their ability to survive and thrive in this state.
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UC workers deserve equity and graduates deserve a school that provides it

I cannot proudly and comfortably walk across a stage to accept my diploma knowing that I attend a university that does not respect its workers.

On Monday, the UC’s largest employee union — the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3299, or AFSCME Local 3299 — went on strike to protest a forced contract and to demand fair and equitable wages for women and people of color employed by the university and students all across the UC.
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How to identify a phone addict

My relationship with my phone became more concerning once I realized that I wasn’t really talking to any of my friends. Instead of technology allowing me to be more social, it became a shield to save me from communicating with people around me.
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Berkeley can’t solve homelessness with arbitrary regulations

CITY ISSUES: City officials must produce constructive legislation without using dehumanizing rhetoric

If the city of Berkeley wants to create policies that foster a greater sense of community and “quality of life,” it should do so for all of its inhabitants — not just those who can afford Berkeley’s incredibly high housing costs.
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Learning, but in Spanish

Off the Beat

Sra. Lyons’ contradictory energy, both welcoming and ready to kick my ass, left me awestruck as I scratched lessons on the subjunctive tense into my notes.
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Building our fair campus food system

UC Berkeley is experiencing an unprecedented surge of interest in food. Our campus is a complex and dynamic food system, responsible for meeting the needs of more than 41,000 students, 1,500 faculty, 8,800 staff members and 750 lecturers. And yet, as passion for food and justice grows across campus, many still encounter major obstacles to diverse, equitable and inclusive participation in the campus food system.
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