Covering all the bases

The Sidebar

Though I don’t feel like I’m unusual, the fact that I don’t perfectly fall into easy classifications suddenly throws other people off.
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Communication conundrum

The Person Inside

The mind of an autistic person can truly be a marvel, since we interact with our environment in rather unique ways, which lends unique perspectives.
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Curb your entitlement

Queerly Political

Fellow white members of the LGBTQ community, we need to do better. It’s not enough for us to not be racist — we need to be actively calling out racism within our own community and ourselves.
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Below the Fold: Episode 1 with Michelle Zheng

For the first episode of “Below the Fold,” we interviewed Michelle Zheng, who you may know as last semester’s Sex on Tuesday columnist. We covered several topics such as self-love, abusive relationships, honesty, writing and polyamory. Within the first few minutes of interviewing Michelle, we began to understand that the
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Making a name for myself

Alien on Campus

That afternoon, my friends and I came up with Andra, which both originated from my first name and would sound less foreign in the United States. And just like that, I was baptized.
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