The number dilemma

Sex on Tuesday

In every relationship I’ve had, the conversation at some point turns to talk of “the number.” As I’m sure you all know, this is the infamous number of sexual partners, a number not only used to determine your sexual prowess but also used to judge whether you’re a slutty vixen
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He was not just another statistic

In media, boy is trapped by his circumstances

It hurt my heart to learn about the shooting death of another young man in Oakland. It hurt even more when I realized I knew him: Tyler Jamison. The Feb. 12 Daily Cal article about a “Berkeley teenager shot in Oakland identified by police” deepened the pain. Instead of learning
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Cal Lodge conundrum

CAMPUS ISSUES: In order to become a more valuable asset for the ASUC, Cal Lodge needs to become a location that is widely used in the summertime.

Cal Lodge has struggled for far too long. The ASUC-managed property near Lake Tahoe provides a great retreat location for UC Berkeley students and others, but in recent years, it has lost a considerable amount of money — the ASUC estimates that the lodge lost upward of $27,000 last year.
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Berkeley’s post office matters

Columnist is wrong to dismiss those who care about post office

I’m writing regarding the article “You don’t got mail” by Lynn Yu in the Feb. 21 issue. While I certainly am an advocate for and user of the Berkeley post office, perhaps equally important, I’m writing in defense of the great institution that is The Daily Californian. Recently, I’ve been
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Time to rebuild on Telegraph

CITY AFFAIRS: Plans to reconstruct the burned-down building on Telegraph Avenue and Haste Street are promising, but must come to fruition.

More than a year since two beloved eateries and dozens of apartment units near campus burned to the ground, feasible plans to rebuild finally seem to be progressing. Recently, the owners of the building that formerly stood on the corner of Haste Street and Telegraph Avenue submitted a proposal that
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Imagining a sane GOP

The Devil's Advocate

The Republican Party’s best possible argument against government intervention in the economy is that it has negative unintended consequences — in particular, that it harms the vulnerable. Of course, this isn’t usually the case — government programs, from Pell Grants to food stamps, have helped expand opportunity and lift millions
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Public or private? Facebook and bath houses

Sex on Blogday

Imagine you sit in a bathhouse, nude. You are awkwardly trying to cover up with skimpy white towels the staff gives you. Eventually, eye contact is made with someone really cute. They begin to approach you. Some seemingly sly gestures are made, and they excitingly follow you back into your
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Symptoms of sequestration

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: If Congress fails to take prompt action, the UC system and the people of California will suffer as a result of sequestration.

Here is a glimpse of the austere world California is plunging into if Congress fails to get its act together soon: The state could lose as much as $795,000 in funding for assistance to domestic violence victims, about $87.6 million for primary and secondary education will be lost, around 9,600
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