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The perks of being a wallflower

Reel Life

The other day, I spent a few hours between classes at Pat Brown’s Grill. I was sitting in the corner, reviewing a lecture, when I overheard the following conversation from a table nearby. “I love records — there’s something so fantastic about the crackling sound, about it being really written
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For the blue and gold

CAMPUS ISSUES: Onward California, a new UC fundraising effort, is a valuable reminder of how the university benefits everyday life in the state.

Declining state funding and skyrocketing tuition at the University of California may lead some to believe that the university is losing its grip on its long-held prestigious status. But despite its many challenges, the university is still an indispensable state resource. As highlighted by Onward California, the university’s campaign for
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Brown’s sketchy proposition manipulates students’ fears

Young people are determined to make their voices heard in the upcoming November election on the issue of ever-increasing costs of higher education.  The ASUC has already helped register thousands of current UC Berkeley students to vote, stressing the importance of one major ballot initiative: Proposition 30. However, any student
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Inmates are humans

Discussion regarding epidemic of mass incarceration is not over

Last Wednesday, students from the Human Rights of the Incarcerated Coalition and the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition community organization erected a mock-up of a solitary confinement cell — referred to as a SHU — on the steps outside Sproul Hall. Though the image it cast was effective — one
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An existential necessity at Cal

Exploring the rivalry between UC Berkeley and Stanford University.

Where does the widespread and fervent dislike of cardinal red on campus come from? It comes partially from a traditionally constructed identity, the historical genome of the “Cal identity” that many are implanted with. This athletic rivalry alone is not problematic, but it is reflective of the parallel spaces that
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Drawing the line

Sex on Tuesday

I don’t normally write about politics. But the fact that my reproductive choices and future in general are being decided on by distant politicians who only care about me for economic and political gain makes me feel disempowered. Is cutting women’s health care and rights a serious platform for politicians?
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Homeless by choice

The Devil's Advocate

There are two major points of contention in the bitter debate over Berkeley’s Measure S, which would prohibit sitting on sidewalks in commercial districts from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. The first concerns the vitality of local businesses and the quality of life for Berkeley residents. On this front, proponents
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state capitol

2012 State ballot measures: A legislative wake-up call

The Critic Who Counts

Seriously. Can the state Legislature please just figure it out? With about 30 weeks of time for legislative action in 2012, you’d think California’s representatives in Sacramento could get a few things done. But you’d be wrong. This year’s official voter information guide is almost 150 pages long. No, it
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Support the state

When I enter the voting booth on Election Day, two groups of Californians will be at the forefront of my mind. First, I will be thinking of the millions of college students in our state, along with those children who hope to one day obtain a college education. My concern
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