Some thoughts on divestment and the Berkeley Jewish community

The Discomfort Zone

Editor’s note: Noah Kulwin is a member of J Street U at UC Berkeley. As word broke yesterday that ASUC President Connor Landgraf would not veto SB 160,  the divestment bill targeting companies involved in Israeli human rights violations, which passed in the ASUC last week, I was not sure
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An ode to the public commenter

Council Watch

Hello, I am here to speak about DRONES. Hmm. That doesn’t sound nearly as impressive or hilarious coming from me. Given that Berkeley City Council is on spring recess right now, I thought I’d take the time to write about the 10th member of the City Council — the general
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Toxic lifestyles: Pick your poison

Months ago, on a bathroom wall in the Valley Life Sciences Building, I found faded red letters that posed the question, “Why do we allow our selves to live in a world of poisons that are not quite fatal?” For all the question’s profundity, restroom users were generally hesitant to
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In defense of relationships

Sex on Tuesday

The single life is amazing. Nobody to answer to, no one else’s needs to take into account when making big decisions. You can have sex with whomever you want, and if you get bored of one partner, there’s nothing stopping you from moving to the next. It gets glamorized as
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CalSERVE’s call to action

CAMPUS ISSUES: After a remarkable comeback in the 2013 ASUC election, the CalSERVE party is poised to positively impact student life.

The CalSERVE party’s domination of this year’s ASUC election represents a pivotal moment for UC Berkeley’s student government. For the first time in four years, the next student body president is not from Student Action. For the first time in three years, the next senate does not contain an 11-member
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After divestment

The Devil's Advocate

The ASUC Senate’s deeply misguided vote to divest UC funds from companies affiliated with the Israeli military is, in one sense, utterly irrelevant. Despite its best efforts, the coterie of far-left activists that dominates student politics rarely influences university policy — Chancellor Birgeneau helpfully reminded us that the regents’ investment portfolio will
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