The reality of private funds

CAMPUS ISSUES: Recent fundraising successes prove that UC Berkeley can, and should, successfully draw on private funds when necessary.

When UC Berkeley recently wrapped up a private fundraising challenge two years ahead of schedule, the campus proved how vital alternate funding sources are for a strong academic environment. And though concerns about privatization are warranted to a certain extent, it is encouraging to see substantial sums of private money
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The future after Proposition 30

Proposition 30, approved by California voters last Tuesday, has allowed the state’s educational systems to duck a bullet: We’ve avoided massive trigger cuts and other revenue losses that would have been imposed had the proposition not been approved. The proposition’s temporary increases in sales taxes and top-bracket income taxes will
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Just a little bit racy

Sex on Tuesday

A recurring subject among my housemates is the racial categorization of sexual preferences. My housemate once complained to me that people call her “exotic” because she is a black woman and that they often want to get with her only because she has curves. My other housemate told me he feels
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In the interest of transparency

In September, I wrote an opinion column criticizing components of a UC Student Association resolution. The resolution condemns HR 35, and recommends divesting from companies contributing to international human rights violations. To provide a sense of transparency, I would like to address a concern that has been raised about a
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State identity still on the line

Passage begins reinvestment in state's smartest investment

California’s identity was at stake on Nov. 6. Proposition 30, which increased the state sales tax slightly and increased income taxes on the wealthy, was only technically about taxes. In reality, it was about whether California wants to be the sort of state that makes big public investments that lead
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Same council, new mandate

CITY AFFAIRS: Following an election that reaffirmed the status quo on Berkeley City Council, officials must do a better job of working together.

Tuesday’s election results left the makeup of Berkeley City Council completely unchanged: All four incumbent council members were re-elected, as was Mayor Tom Bates. However, just because Berkeley’s main elected officials are the same does not mean their attitudes should remain static. The city’s challenges are steep, as exposed over
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Moving forward after Prop. 30

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: While Proposition 30’s victory is a relief, it is not a permanent fix. The state must re-evaluate its vision for higher education.

California needs a new long-term plan for public higher education. In the wake of the passage of Proposition 30 — whose rejection would have triggered a staggering $250 million budget cut to the University of California and a likely 20.3 percent tuition increase — it is easy for officials to
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Looking back: a year after Occupy Cal first began

On behalf of 29 plaintiffs, BAMN has filed a $15 million lawsuit against UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, other administrators and police for excessive force, false arrest and violating the First Amendment on Nov. 9, 2011. We obtained thousands of pages of administrators’ internal emails through the Public Records Act
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The hanging zombie


The epidemic of racial transgression has yet to depart from our campus. Last week, the ASUC Senate passed a bill condemning the hanging zombie decoration that Theta Delta Chi — a fraternity at the corner of College and Durant avenues — placed over its lawn. Though the ASUC did bring
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