The real cost of a manicure

The nail industry is expected to grow and employ more people. However, the health of manicurists and other nail technicians is at stake. Manicurists are exposed to heavy fumes from the chemicals used in the salons for long periods of time.
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The red Ford Escape


Suppressing my childhood training to never to get into a car with a stranger, I sat down, shut the door and became utterly vulnerable.
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On a different note

Off the Beat

As I grew into the American teenager that I was socialized to be, I felt as though Carnatic music was too far removed from my life to be relevant.
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Regional Measure 3 will conquer congestion

Our own AC Transit will get hundreds of millions for projects including rapid bus corridor improvements, new buses, operating funds for Regional Express Bus, Core Capacity Transit Study improvements, expansion of bus facilities and improvements on the San Pablo Avenue corridor.
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Fighting for a fossil-free future

A commitment to full divestment would mean a commitment to creating a just and environmentally conscious future and inspiring social and institutional change while stigmatizing the fossil fuel industry. Divestment is a matter of not just social justice, but also ecological stewardship and economic competitiveness.
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