Neil McClintick

Dude, where’s my housing?

Community-less College

Uninspired — a cramped afterthought awkwardly relegated to a shared occupancy with the Student Parent Center — the Lower Sproul Plaza-based transfer center spearheads a genuine mission ultimately crippled by an inexcusable lack of financial support from the campus.
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Playing for thrills

Pressing Restart

Hiding in lockers, I’d hold my breath when the alien neared me, and I’d find myself holding my breath in real life as well.
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Berkeley mayor must explicitly call out racial disparity in policing

CITY AFFAIRS: City Council punted on two major Berkeley police reform items at its Tuesday meeting.

City Council was set to consider three major Berkeley police reform items at its meeting Tuesday. At the 11th hour, Mayor Jesse Arreguín and Councilmember Sophie Hahn submitted alternatives that diluted language the original proposal. A direct acknowledgement of “racial disparity” was wiped entirely from a proposal that would force
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Nicole Kim Mug

A lesson in democracy

Berkeley Got Back

DeCals create a space for diversity in teaching — a space where student voices can be heard in regard to what they believe is pertinent, important and largely ignored in academia.
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Ismael Farooqui

Big man on campus

The Campus on a Hill

While UC Berkeley has faced criticism over the past few years for a pattern of mishandling sexual violence cases, recent coverage of Harvey Weinstein’s misdeeds has thrown a very relevant campus issue back in the spotlight.
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