A Dickens of a semester

Fish Out of Water

I see a lot of students doing the same — alternating between sprinting and stopping rather than keeping an even pace, and in the middle of the semester, everything on their plate hits them at full force.
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Big pussy

This Friday, everyone will be wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day, but there is one sort of green that prevails in many relationships every day of the year. Jealousy, historically referred to as the green-eyed monster, is seen as both a terrible thing to have and an inevitability in relationships.
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Shoulder Tap operation is dispensable form of law enforcement

CITY ISSUES: Berkeley police crackdowns on underage drinking cause more harm than good.

Berkeley police employ a patrol strategy that involves creating problems to solve. The state’s Shoulder Tap Program, which deploys undercover agents to swindle people into buying alcohol for minors, is the latest in a list of contentious policies — and the most dispensable. The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
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The real enemies of feminism

Behind Enemy Lines

On International Women’s Day, large numbers of feminists at UC Berkeley were motivated to take part in the “Day Without a Woman” protests. The protests across the country looked like a melting pot of misplaced anger and unmitigated insanity. What was even more shocking was that this protest was a
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Hard and Soft Final Image

Episode #4: Sex Under Pressure

Hard and Soft

Sex, for many of us, is scary. But sex for people with anxiety? Absolutely terrifying. In this episode, Chris and Josh chat with Alyssa Liu, a meme-lovin’, shit-posting third-year student and ASUC Senator at UC Berkeley, as they talk about combating anxiety in the streets and in the sheets. Thank you
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The neighborhood drug dealer

Staying in Omelas

A black sports car sidled up in the lane next to ours like a stately viper, windows heavily tinted, metal accents glinting viciously in the sunlight. It stuck out like a sore thumb among the dusty and rusted jalopies that trundled down the road. Before I could even comment on
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Today’s menu: Worker’s rights


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Regulations on cosmetics must be stricter

In 1933, a new mascara was introduced to the market that was meant to give radiant personality: Lash Lure. This product was famous for its ability to eat away at the user’s eye causing debilitating eye pain and blindness because of paraphenylenediamine, a coal tar dye, in the formula. In
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Campus must look into Cal Dining exploitation allegations

CAMPUS ISSUES: Undergraduate Workers Union raises awareness to an important issue but must narrow focus to accomplish its goals

The Undergraduate Workers Union has made history as the first independent union for undergraduate students. If it does not make some fundamental changes, however, it will soon become history.
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City of Berkeley should seek alternate housing solutions

On a simple walk back from class, I notice something popping up along the Berkeley skyline almost daily. It towers over the buildings, its presence a friendly reminder of progress. The crane, which resides in construction sites across the city, casts a shadow over the sidewalk, the people and neighboring
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