Redefining diversity

Mixed Feelings

After being in this environment for so long and having countless discussions about diversity and inclusion, I began to question my definition of diversity. I wondered if, when I was looking for diverse campuses, I was really just looking for the most multicultural ones.
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Living spaces: A comprehensive look at UC Berkeley’s future student housing options

CAMPUS ISSUE: In 2017, UC Berkeley released a report on 9 potential sites for new student housing. As developments begin, are all the sites really up to the mark?

But when class ends and the lecture halls empty out, students have to go somewhere. In recent years, with skyrocketing housing prices and limited on-campus options, finding that somewhere has been harder than ever.
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Rooted in community

Stories from The Book

I am fond of these academic check-ins from family. It lets me know that there are many people vested in my education and my well-being. I am not alone.
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Tear that castle down


Opening the cupboard that day, there was the wall of cups looking as tall and thick as the Hoover Dam, apparently impenetrable by me. Although my first instinct was to rip those cups out of the wall in a fit of rage, I managed to restrain my emotions, because deep down, I was not that surprised.
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