UC Berkeley needs to work towards zero waste by 2020

In order for UC Berkeley to reach our zero waste by 2020 goals, these are the bold next steps our students and administration must also adopt. In fact, as an institution of higher learning and the No. 1 public university in the world, we should now go even further in leading the way to eliminating the use of single-use disposable plastics and other landfill items on campus.
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New house rules

A Greek Tragedy

Living in a sorority began to feel like taking one step toward adulthood and then three steps back. Looking back now, I could never imagine myself in a house where my male friends were banned from my room after 10, and I was subject to an overbearing housing contract. To me, it felt like in order to assure that no girls broke Panhellenic trust, we were simply not given any trust to begin with.
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It’s (not) all about the angles

In My Size

As I lay on my bed scrolling through the 40 photos I took, my eyes filled with tears, and I threw my phone at the mirror. I looked nothing like the photoshopped pictures online. I was upset that I was trying so hard to be someone else.
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A female network

Cracking the Code Ceiling

Laughing with friends in seminar as we talked about the importance of self-care, cheering as Ruth Bader Ginsburg came on screen as we all watched “On the Basis of Sex” and planting flowers in our community garden were always the highlights of my week. They reminded me of everything good when it felt like things were going wrong, assuring me of my place in STEM when the intensity of Berkeley CS made me doubt my competence.
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Conquering the orgasm

Sex on Tuesday

Though sex with and without an orgasm seem to be interchangeable, I assure you they are not. While sex without an orgasm can be enjoyed, the pleasure is dull, and can lead to a sense of disappointment that will fall onto your partner.
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California must improve sexual education

By utilizing this truly comprehensive curriculum, California high school and middle schools can give students at an early age the tools to reduce stigma and educate their peers about issues that often get intertwined with emotion and politics — East Bay school districts should be leaders in this.
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An RV park with people walking their dogs or going to school or work

Berkeley City Council failed homeless residents by banning RVs

CITY AFFAIRS: If City Council truly cares about its homeless community members, it should stop banning the few options these residents have

When Berkeley City Council voted to ban RVs last week, the message was clear: Homeless and home-insecure community members don’t have a place in Berkeley. For a city that has repeatedly claimed to support the rights of homeless individuals, this regulation contradicts these ideals entirely — it’s toxic to community members who should be valued regardless of their living situation.
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UCs should eliminate standardized testing requirement

Making the submission of standardized testing scores optional will benefit the UC and the state of California. It is a step in leveling the playing field and reflecting the state’s diversity. When other colleges and universities made the submissions of test results optional, they saw an increase in applicants and enrollment of Black and Latinx students.
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Between China and America

The Half of It

My multicultural upbringing is a source of pride and joy, not a stranger’s tangled yarn to cut up and reorganize. So when you ask me where I’m from, challenge your monocultural norms first.
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