Hung up on financial aid

Off the Beat

After all of the obstacles students have overcome to get into college, being able to afford an education should be the least of our concerns. And yet, rather than worrying about schoolwork or exams, I spend every day worrying that my financial aid will fall through and that I won’t be able to pay my rent or afford my food.
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The Berkeley burnout

Off the Beat

Gradually, we reach a big UC Berkeley mood: burnout. We students stay up too late to write papers due too early the next day. We push ourselves to pick up more extracurriculars, join more clubs. And we never prioritize those breaks we really need.
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Carol Christ must acknowledge UC Berkeley’s role in gentrifying the city

CAMPUS ISSUES: In leading UC Berkeley, the chancellor must accept the campus’s unique reach and influence

UC Berkeley plans on building student housing on nine different locations throughout the city — and Chancellor Carol Christ doesn’t seem to realize how this gentrification will impact the city’s residents. In a meeting with The Daily Californian’s editorial board this week, Christ said she doesn’t think student housing contributes
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A little bit louder now

Sex on Tuesday

This column was originally published in the Dec. 1, 2009 issue of The Daily Californian. Mom, looks like I’m going to be doing this for the rest of the semester. Warning: If you read this, our phone conversations are going to get even more awkward. Let’s be real here — we all
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letter to the editor

Carol Christ, leave People’s Park open and free

It is a grave mistake to build on People’s Park. People’s Park has a rich history and, therefore, you can’t attack it without expecting backlash. You speak of your commitment to an inclusive community, diversity and history. People’s Park is currently the channel of this kind of diversity. I beg
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Is there hope for homeless population?

Berkeley, and every other community in our country, is not doing enough. If we do not grab the condition of homelessness with both fists and make a greater commitment to deal with all its aspects, this will be the “new normal.”
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New Title IX policies will upend years of progress

Meaningful change is inherently slow. When discussing sexual violence and sexual harassment, commonly referred to as SVSH, the issue is further complicated by legal and cultural barriers. Culturally, survivors are often not believed or taken seriously, and those who do report often see their assaulters face zero to minor legal
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Dropping out

Off the Beat

Spending time with yourself can teach you a lot about your interactions with others. After a cathartic and solitary summer, I’ve decided to check my priorities during this fall semester.
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Another year, another winter: Berkeley officials still haven’t acted on city’s homelessness crisis

CITY AFFAIRS: The city still hasn’t decided on its new permanent emergency shelter location, once again letting down hundreds of its homeless residents.

In December 2017, the city of Berkeley was woefully unprepared to shelter its growing homeless population. And nearly a year later, it finds itself in almost exactly the same situation. On Aug. 31, the Emergency Storm Shelter closed its doors to hundreds of homeless community members. In its place, the
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UC Berkeley must put students first in sex misconduct cases

A little over a month ago, I was notified that my former professor has been suspended for three years without pay. The outcome has been long in the making; I filed my complaint in March 2016. The process has been mostly silent. First there was a five-month investigation, during which
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