Off the Beat: Hey there, Sproulers

One of the things that Cal is known for is its vibrant student community and the school spirit that its students have. The number of students tabling and handing out fliers every morning on Sproul speaks for itself, not to mention the protests that break out every now and then.
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Gill Tract occupiers’ sustainability ideas are wrong-headed

The food movement is vibrant at UC Berkeley. On the weekend of April 21, a group of locals — including some students and faculty members — began an ongoing occupation and planting of the Gill Tract farmland that was about to be plowed and cultivated for federally funded UC researchers
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Five minutes of bliss

CITY AFFAIRS: A five-minute grace period for parking violations is a win-win for all. The Berkeley City Council should adopt the proposal.

Berkeley is known for many things — a world-renowned university, the golden hills to its east and the marina on the west. The city, however, has never been considered a parking-friendly place. But drivers could be cut some slack if the Berkeley City Council approves a resolution at its Tuesday
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Charges without any juice

CAMPUS ISSUES: The charges for 11 of 13 arrested Occupy Cal protesters were dropped, leading us to wonder why they were charged at all

The ends don’t always justify the means. Eleven of the 13 protesters arrested for their involvement in the Nov. 9 Occupy Cal demonstration have had their criminal charges dropped in the last two weeks, 10 since this past Wednesday. The remaining two protesters are UC Berkeley professor Celeste Langan, who
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Living a life worth writing down

Off the Beat

Last Friday was my sister’s birthday. Aside from being my best friend in the entire universe and the freshman I mooch a Cafe 3 brunch off of once a week, Sarah is a remarkable young woman. She’s a thousand different emotions at once, but she still manages to be the
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Reassessing priorities for research funding

In spite of its prevalence, autism research receives less funding than maladies that occur with less frequency in children

What would it be like to be misunderstood by everyone around you, to be terrified of a soft touch but unaware of a punch? What would it be like to only understand emotions as memorized lists of cues to look for? What would it be like to have autism? Many
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Recognizing the ‘Others’

Adding a new ethnicity checkbox to the application would recognize the cultures of some of those currently classified as 'Caucasian'

I had grown up most of my life with no questions about my ethnic identity: I am an Armenian American whose family is from Egypt, and growing up I was given the privilege to be proud of my multicultural background. Though I recognized at a young age that on all
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