Loans present threat to families

A massive crisis is quietly building with rapidly burgeoning student college loans caused by equally snowballing increases in college costs: the inability of indebted college students to marry and raise children after graduation. Yet there is an answer to this problem. As noted in a recent article in the Wall
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Students should not be used as political pawns

One of the surest ways to catch a weak argument is by noticing a pervasive ad hominem within it. An op-ed written by students Andrew Albright and Paul Murre titled “Students must stand together against corporate America’s attack on the middle class” is founded in this notion that some big,
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Modernizing the UC governance

Governance paper prescriptions are not strong enough to solve fiscal problems on UC campuses

The governance “white paper” from Chancellor Robert Birgeneau and his senior academic staff proposes establishing campuslevel boards for each of the UC campuses and devolving additional powers to campus administrations. This further decentralization of authority would weaken the roles of the systemwide UC Board of Regents and the UC Office
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Our spirit shall not die

CAMPUS ISSUES: A report co-authored by Chancellor Robert Birgeneau that suggests an alternate governance model is not the solution.

From its founding in 1868 until 1927, the name “University of California” belonged solely to a single campus nestled against the San Francisco Bay Area’s rugged eastern foothills. There were other satellites, yes, but the aforementioned distinction and every advantage it carried were for the benefit of the campus now
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Pilar Huerta - Opinion Blog Writer

‘Sup Bay Are-uh

Savage Heart Murmurs

Let’s go to East Oakland — home of the hyphy movement, Oakland’s criminal notoriety and the smartest and chillest six-year-olds I’ve ever met.Twice a week this past semester isn’t enough. I’ve been working at a public elementary school in East Oakland, soothing the insecure cool out of first grade boys
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Legends of the hidden temple

Man Under Bridge

I’ve had my desk since I was in the third grade. It’s seen me through all sorts of things: calculus and Jacques Lacan, puka shells and straightened hair, the death of my cat Milton and the ensuing existential crisis. As desks go, its surface is pretty plain — a natural
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Take back the tract

CAMPUS ISSUES: The Occupy protesters farming on the Gill Tract in Albany have a promising, attainable goal. Administrators should listen.

The greatest accomplishments often flourish from the smallest, most radical beginnings. A continued protest on University of California research land in Albany presents an opportune moment for productive change in the local community. Occupy demonstrators set up an encampment Sunday on a UC Berkeley-administered research plot in Albany known as
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Checking out of Hotel California

Champagne Problems

“You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave,” the Eagles said. Whenever I stay at a hotel, even for a night or two, I get a funny feeling just before I leave that I have forgotten something. I check all the drawers, even though I know
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Life in the Matrix

When I applied to be a Daily Cal columnist, I figured I should pick a topic that was relevant to the student body and about which I could, you know, say a thing or two. So after a moment’s deliberation it was clear: write about the Internet. I’m a member
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