Our campus is not a war zone

In person, Bob Birgeneau is an affable man — a textbook example of a gentle Canadian neighbor. Years ago, as MIT’s Dean of Science, he used to command universal adoration and respect. Sadly, today’s Chancellor Birgeneau appears largely divorced from the Dean Birgeneau that I once admired while a graduate
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The straw that broke the student’s back

As a proud University of California graduate, I sincerely believe that public education enables everyone to pursue their dreams and move our nation forward. With a troubled economy and millions of Americans out of work through no fault of their own, it is even more important that lawmakers invest in
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No longer preoccupied

CAMPUS ISSUES: The Occupy Cal movement has succeeded in galvanizing a diverse range of people on campus. The energy and momentum it has gained cannot end here.

In days since the world witnessed the violence on the UC Berkeley campus by police against protesters, various facets of the campus community have started to come together for higher education. Past movements for this cause have experienced fragmentation — administrators shunning student protest acts and focusing on their own
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Consoling a community

CAMPUS ISSUES: The shooting of a fellow student on Tuesday at the Haas School of Business was a shocking event, and we must take this moment to process what happened.

Now is a time for pause. When a Haas School of Business student was shot by UCPD Tuesday afternoon and subsequently died later that day, it struck a chord of confusion and sadness that reverberated throughout our campus community. Shock was the overwhelming sensation. Shock that such an event could
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Cheating for fun & profit

Truels of Engagement

Hey, you! Yes, you — mediocre gamer. Yes, that’s right, I know all about you. You’re tired of being beaten by luckier, more skillful opponents, right? Do all of your friends joke that you’re just paying for the company at your weekly poker game? Is a nerd who figured out
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Occupy Cal: preoccupied with nonsense

Satire/Given Insight

The day started out just as any other day — breakfast, a quick glance at my readings and one final scan of my organizer — but the choppers I could hear thudding overhead told me this day would be anything but normal. Sure enough, on that Wednesday morning of Nov.
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Nina Brown

Eliminating test options

On Oct. 7, David White, director of a nonprofit that provides test prep for graduate school hopefuls, received a shocking email. The Berkeley Faculty Club, which had rented space to the organization since the early 1990s, was terminating their business relationship. The declaration came without warning or justification for the
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