Walking a fine line

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: Moving money away from big banks may be commendable, but ideology should not be the sole motivating factor.

While America’s biggest financial institutions certainly played their part in the economic recession that persists today, it’s hard to exact meaningful punishments on them. Unethical behavior, after all, isn’t necessarily illegal behavior. Right on the heels of Berkeley City Council’s Jan. 31 decision to consider alternatives to banking with Wells
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Letters: Feb. 7, 2012

Practice safe sex in the month of love Valentine’s Day is stressful.  For those with partners, or a special someone in mind, planning a romantic date and buying the perfect gift can be overwhelming. For those kicking it solo, the pressure to find a Valentine or avoid all things mushy
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Demonizing democracy

Given Insight

Students, faculty and online commenting trolls, the libertarian troublemaker is back! Last semester, I was called an “idiot,” a “frat boy rhetor” and — my personal favorite — a “dumb libertarian who jerks off to Ayn Rand.” Yet, despite the fact that my IQ is greater than 30, I don’t
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UC must transform People’s Park’s legacy

Response to Jan. 27 Editorial “Unwarranted Upheaval”

We, the Telegraph Business Improvement District (TBID), have taken a keen interest in People’s Park for years. Numerous survey responses have shown us that it negatively impacts residents and businesses throughout the district, most noticeably those closest to the park. This includes thousands of students, in whom the Daily Cal
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Delayed deadline

CAMPUS ISSUES: Though the Police Review Board must take time to gather student input, it must not delay longer than necessary.

Our campus community and the nation at large were shaken as they watched UCPD officers use batons to prevent Occupy Cal protesters from setting up tents in front of Sproul Plaza on Nov. 9, 2011. But today, it isn’t what happened that gives us pause — it’s what may be
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Dear Berzerkeley newbies

Off the Beat

Oh, hey there, Spring 2012 admits. Welcome to Cal. I hope you had a safe trip getting here and that you were able to fit all your stuff into your tiny dorm room (Clark Kerr kids: yes, I know, you have huge rooms). As someone who was in your shoes
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Baby steps

CAMPUS ISSUES: Recent revisions to the student conduct process are useless if administrators keep treating it as a punitive process.

Student protesters expect a certain degree of punishment when they engage in civil disobedience on campus. After all, the peaceful violation of rules is an important part of some demonstration tactics. But that expectation, in years past, was accompanied by an often slow, inefficient and unfair student conduct process at
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