Baby steps

CAMPUS ISSUES: Recent revisions to the student conduct process are useless if administrators keep treating it as a punitive process.

Student protesters expect a certain degree of punishment when they engage in civil disobedience on campus. After all, the peaceful violation of rules is an important part of some demonstration tactics. But that expectation, in years past, was accompanied by an often slow, inefficient and unfair student conduct process at
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cecila wong

Reminder: Smell the roses

Life is hard — it’s unfair a lot of the time. No matter how many obstacles have been overcome, the next is not too far away. This may be a cynical way of looking at things, but it’s the truth. It’s undeniable. Some people just deal with their problems better
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Champagne problems: the hamster race

Off the Beat

If you have begun to read this column expecting to hear the tragic tale of a student’s addiction to Dom Perignon, read no further. I won’t be discussing anything near as serious a problem. I’m actually going to talk about hamsters. In this university environment of privilege and opportunity, we
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Scan 1

State of the Union address renews hope

When I flopped down on a friend’s couch to watch the State of the Union address with my pizza and Diet Coke, I’ll admit that I didn’t have high hopes for this particular address. As a lifelong Democrat, I fervently supported the president’s first campaign — proudly donning my Obama
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A gentleman’s guide to sex

Off the Beat: Sex on Tuesday

It is oft said, by those of reputable esteem, that the way to a woman’s heart is through keen endeavors of charitable kindness. A gentleman of fine standing will, if he has been guided properly, display his affections in a manner befitting the occasion. Bouquets of flowers will be sent,
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Enforcement issues

CITY AFFAIRS: The City Council’s move to impose new rules that would primarily affect the student population are unwelcome.

Tonight, Berkeley City Council will consider changing ordinances to address problems often associated with the student population, even though the city has not, thus far, done much to include them in the conversation. The council must not vote in favor of this legislation as it stands. The proposed changes would
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Different strokes

HIGHER EDUCATION: While the Cal State University system’s presidential pay cap may benefit it, the move would be wrong for the UC.

When San Diego State University approved last July that its new president would make $100,000 more than his predecessor — even in the face of cuts to higher education — many students were rightfully angry. But while the California State University system’s Jan. 25 decision to cap its presidents’ earnings
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