The importance of student press

You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. This rings in my head as students head to the polls to vote on the V.O.I.C.E. Initiative, a $2 per semester student service fee that goes towards filling the hole in The Daily Californian’s budget caused by decreasing advertising revenues as
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Breadth requirements

HIGHER EDUCATION: A report stating that a University of California education is compromised by liberal bias is off-base and misleading.

A dominance of liberal thought in academia is difficult to refute, as is UC Berkeley’s history as a hotbed of progressive ideas and discourse. But these admissions do not devalue the high quality of education at University of California campuses, as suggested by an April report to the UC Regents. The
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The other side of the coin

Champagne Problems

“They fuck you up, your mum and dad. / They may not mean to, but they do. / They fill you with the faults they had / And add some extra, just for you.” So says renowned English poet Philip Larkin in his poem “This Be The Verse.” When my
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Meme team

Life in the Matrix

What my friends think I do: geek out. What my mom thinks I do: she doesn’t. What society thinks I do: write things not worthy of comment. What I think I do: craft profound explorations of human cyber-consciousness. What my editor thinks I do: place a wrench in the publishing
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Drunk sex isn’t always better, either

When I arrived at work a couple weeks ago, my email inbox was inundated with emails about the most recent Sex on Tuesday column, titled “Sober isn’t always better.” My initial reaction was, “I don’t understand why people even continue to read this column” — I sure don’t waste my
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Caught in the web

When Student Action party members proclaim “every student, every year,” no ASUC voter should expect that each individual candidate represents that mantra. Rather, the party strives to fulfill its slogan by running a diverse slate of individuals from across the UC Berkeley community. Even so, Student Action was right to
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Taken for granted

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: March 15’s muddled report is a testament to the lack of communication between the administration and UCPD.

We’ve all seen photographs, read accounts and watched video of police officers attempting to clear an Occupy Cal encampment on Nov. 9, 2011. Now, more than four months later, an operational review of UCPD’s actions during the protest sheds further light on the issue but focuses it on criticism of
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