Don’t be an ASUC sucker

Given Insight

If you’re one of 36,000 Cal students and 845 million Facebook users like me, you’ve probably been entranced by UC Berkeley Memes lately. Whether it’s the “Inception” maze of Dwinelle Hall, trollface 51B bus or “rent is too damn high” Clark Kerr Campus, these memes tailored to our community deliver
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Pilar Huerta - Opinion Blog Writer

Vote for meow

Honesty is the best policy — unless, of course, “seduction” is the policy in question. The Oxford English Dictionary defines seduction as “The action or an act of seducing (a person) to err in conduct or belief; allurement (to some course of action).” In other less pretty words, seduction is manipulation’s
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Freedom restrained

CAMPUS ISSUES: The stay-away injunctions issued to Nov. 9 Occupy Cal protesters are a premature punishment for possible crimes.

Every UC Berkeley student has experienced stress juggling midterms, relationships and jobs. Few, though, can imagine a world where every moment they spend on campus is shaded by the pall of potential arrest. 12 of 13 Occupy Cal protesters being charged with misdemeanors for their alleged actions on Nov. 9
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Airing grievances

CAMPUS ISSUES: Concerns that ASUC voting over AirBears will increase cheating are legitimate but fail to address the problem.

The ASUC has for decades embodied real-world politics more than many student governments on other campuses. This emulation, though, carries with it the best and worst of partisan factionalism. The senate made the right decision in allowing voters to cast their ballots over AirBears this year. However, concerns that the
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Church, state and Democratic polity

Do church and state really need to be separate? Are they at all? Many Americans are keen on the line drawn between these two spheres, regarding it as a key tenet of American values. Yet we know that the faith of our leaders can often be a discussion piece. With
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Foot-in-mouth syndrome

Man Under Bridge

God have mercy, doesn’t he know people can hear him? He does, but sometimes words just slip out. Such is the plight of that guy, suffering from the occasional bout of foot-in-mouth syndrome. It happens to a lot of people, but it doesn’t make it any less awkward. The faces reminiscent
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Do the time warp… again

Champagne Problems

The optimist sees the donut. The pessimist sees the hole. The cynic asks why anyone would give out free donuts in the first place. The opportunist grabs the donut and runs. The pessimist always saw that coming. The optimist hopes it will all work out for the best. While everyone else eats
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