The blame game

HIGHER EDUCATION: With the midyear cuts to the UC guaranteed to occur, we continue to see our public leaders pointing fingers.

What we long knew to be inevitable has now been confirmed. In an interview with The Daily Californian’s Senior Editorial Board Friday, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau said that Gov. Jerry Brown personally “assured” him that the UC will be hit with up to $100 million in midyear cuts, guaranteeing
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With my kindest regards

Sex on Tuesday

To the guy who blew me off last Friday: Hi. I hope your Friday was a blast. After not seeing you for months, I called you the other day to hang out because I wanted to catch up. It’s been a while. I wanted to share my summer adventures in
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Beware of CALPIRG’s con

Given Insight

Editor’s Note: This article was updated to reflect CalPIRG’s main office phone number. Last Monday, ghoulish gangs of trick-or-treaters swarmed the Berkeley streets, marching door to door in demand of candy. And while Halloween may be behind us, a week later, an even spookier sort of solicitors can still be
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Exploring a new path to entrepreneurship

The second that I walked into the career fair at the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union, it hit me: It’s time to get a job. I was about to graduate with a B.A. in rhetoric, but somehow with the technology bubble of 2000 reaching it’s crescendo, and having enjoyed
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Lacking oversight

CAMPUS ISSUES: The failure of officials to form an oversight committee for millions of dollars of student fees is troublesome.

When students approved of a fee in spring 2010 to be spent to renovate Lower Sproul Plaza, they did so with the understanding that a committee would oversee the funding. But this committee was not formed for more than a year since the fee was implemented, during which the campus
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Notes from a ‘real’ gamer

Orie Guo’s room is a mess. There are papers, plates and bags of half-eaten snacks scattered across his desk next to a large, high-definition computer screen. In the corner of the room, darkened by the drawn blinds, there is a pile of at least seven or eight 2-liter Dr. Pepper
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Change in calculations

NATIONAL ISSUES: The newly implemented calculators on college websites are a blessing to students worried about rising costs.

Across the country, eager college-hopefuls scroll through university websites each year, comparing academic programs, housing options and campus activities to determine which school would fulfill their academic dreams. One factor, however, is becoming increasingly important in this decision-making process: the ultimate price tag for each college. Luckily, a new mandatory
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Play with the Mechanics

The International House chess crowd tends to be an eclectic and eccentric group. At first it seems a cross-section of escaped asylum patients: frazzled gray hair, too-big military jackets and crooked mustaches abound. But they know their chess. And they certainly know the best places to play, including I-House, which
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