Strong coffee & bad poems

Champagne Problems

Please sir, can I have some more?” Oliver Twist was just a small, blonde, English orphan with an empty metal bowl and a big dream. He ran out of gruel. He wanted more. So do I, and so, I postulate, do you. Allow me to explain. Is it Thursday already?
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Affirmative action advocates should make a better case

The Devil's Advocate

Affirmative action found its way back onto The Daily Californian’s front page Tuesday — this time without the help of a satirical bake sale. For those of you who aren’t up to date on the latest Proposition 209 news: Students staged a protest on Monday outside a San Francisco courthouse
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AC Transit and transparency in the ASUC

Increased transparency and accountability rest at the core of ASUC policy and actions. With last semester’s student unification against fee hikes, unsurprisingly, the ASUC reaffirmed its commitment to fiscal accountability. At ASUC Senate finance committee meetings, student groups often request $3 notebooks as senators debate the values of fiscal responsibility, even if
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A little birdie told me …

Life in the Matrix

@DailyCalReaders: I wish I could keep this to just one sentence. #ThingsWomenWant. Last week I offered my downloadable service as a shaman for your digital adventures. Thank you for supporting @TonyJesus. Your free trial has 10 columns left. At the end, you will be asked to complete a customer satisfaction
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Bandwagon politics

To some people, the individuals that currently “occupy” Cal and other parts of the country are heroes. These modern day Davids stand against the Goliath that is the institution, the “one percent.” To others, these occupiers are nothing more than a pestilence, a waste of time and energy that should
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Move your money, enact change

If you mail a dollar to UC Berkeley, Billing and Payment Services will deposit it in an account administered by the UC Office of the President, earmarked to the Berkeley campus. Because the UC Office of the President manages UC Berkeley’s many accounts in Bank of America, your tuition dollar
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Happy birthday, Cupid!

Sex on Tuesday

Valentine’s Day. Or rather, Singles Awareness Day. What a horrible and exclusionary holiday. I mean, if you don’t have a “special someone,” what are you supposed to do? Give all your friends boxes of sweetheart candy with little messages written on them? Sure — if you’re 8 years old. Let’s
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Overcooked occupation

CAMPUS ISSUES: Occupy Cal is back with tents in front of Sproul Hall, but celebrating three months since Nov. 9, 2011, isn’t enough.

Although members of the Occupy movement acknowledge the lack of a uniform message, they nevertheless proved their ability to stand as one. Last semester, Occupy Cal reached its peak when public policy professor Robert Reich spoke to thousands on the evening of Nov. 15. In the time since that moment
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