Loan sharks still circle

NATIONAL ISSUES: President Barack Obama’s plan for easing the process of paying off federal student loans is only a first step.

As the price of an education grows steeper across the nation, so too has the burden of student loans. Student debt will surpass a staggering $1 trillion this year, meaning total student loan debt will be greater than the credit card debt in the United States. Something must change. Though
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Free condoms on Upper Sproul!

Ok, for those of you who actually know me, you already know how excited I get when free condoms are being conveniently given out. This girl has yet to spend money on condoms — and let’s keep it that way. So of course I decided to come back to Upper
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Nina Brown

Internationally entangled

Last semester, on the first day of spring break, I found myself digging through my carry-on in a San Francisco Starbucks bathroom and donning a prim business casual dress. Slinging a bag over each shoulder, I headed outside and schlepped the few blocks up the hill to the French Consulate.
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Feel the fear, and do it anyway

I was in the middle of a rehearsal for a play when what I thought was the second of the day’s small earthquakes hit. The floor shook. I screamed. Everyone else shrugged and continued to perform — I know the show must go on, but even during an earthquake, I
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Thoughts on “relationship sex”

Alright, I’m sure that many of you that have read some of my previous stuff have decided that I’m a heartless, immoral, unethical, irresponsible, slutty nympho. Or something along those lines. However, there is more to me than those 400-word snippets you read semi-regularly. A couple of weeks ago, I
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Christopher Coulter Columnist

Cashing in on free speech

Americans have a lot to be proud of as we forge ahead in the 21st century. We owe it to ourselves to try to ignore the economy and our future job prospects for a moment and appreciate some of the good that has been nurtured here: our stunning national parks,
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Student district isn’t good for city

Imagine Berkeley students having one or two strong voices on the Berkeley City Council. Now, let’s reflect on how we could get that to happen. A student-majority district? Wrong. Redistricting has come to the city of Berkeley — and with it comes many issues. Redistricting is basically the redrawing of
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