SB 320 could revolutionize reproductive justice across UC system

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Thanks to UC Berkeley students, a bill that provides on-campus access to medication abortion awaits Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature.

A week or two to book the appointment. Fifty-five to 90 minutes of transit one way. An average of two hours of wait time upon arrival. Time for the appointment itself. This is the current experience for UC and California State University students trying to obtain a medication abortion, a
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Berkeley must provide support for its homeless community

Goodbye, summer. Hello, rain and cold. The Farmer’s Almanac forecasts this winter to be a brutal one. For most people, this is not a big deal. For the homeless, it could be lethal. And in Berkeley, there are dozens of seniors and seriously disabled individuals who are currently homeless. The
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Dude, why so serious?

Sex on Tuesday

Contrary to what many people would have you believe, there is nothing wrong with having an uncomplicated night of coitus. During most other times, we’re forced to keep our natural tendencies pent up at the expense of enjoying ourselves to the fullest.
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Trying to find the words

Off the Beat

Moving away from home to a college town came with a lot of excitement and a barrage of new experiences. But I gradually began to realize how much I was also losing.
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Anyone can be a CRISPR scientist

Lifting a delicate, black lid, two UC Berkeley students carefully placed a fragile gel into a DNA imaging machine. With their instructor standing by, the students powered up the equipment, anxiously waiting to see the results of their weeklong experiment. To their bewilderment, a collage of lines appeared on the
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A politicized Jewish identity

Off the Beat

Jewish communities need to be more open to debate about Israeli policies. And progressive campus organizations need to more explicitly welcome Jewish students, with the understanding that being Jewish is not always about blind support for Israel or even about Israel at all.
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Hardly living on a UC librarian salary

Nobel laureates. Groundbreaking research. Stellar faculty. Top-tier students. UC Berkeley has been recognized as one of the best universities — public or private — in the world. Fiat lux, indeed. And at the center, at the heart of this university, are its libraries. If you are a librarian, especially one
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