Distributing the burden

STATE AFFAIRS: Amazon should begin collecting sales tax at the time of purchase as a matter of fairness to the people of California.

California is known for its natural beauty, Hollywood culture and the counter-culture movement of the 1960s, among other things. Unfortunately, it is also known for its dysfunctional politics. California is constantly facing budget cuts that impact social services, particularly higher education. Many complain that taxes are already too high, meaning
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Free to dial

BAY AREA ISSUES: Cutting cellphone service was an inappropriate and outrageous response by BART to ongoing protests.

The so-called Arab spring brought images of protesters using social media and handheld electronic devices and clashing with totalitarian governments. News of curfews and Internet connection disruptions escaped the fray, and the world watched in disgust as governments interrupted citizens’ attempts at free speech. Those stories were always foreign, and
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Giving it some thought

Sex on Monday

In some ways, I am completely unqualified to write about being a virgin in college. I lost my virginity the summer before college to a boy I ended up dating for the next four years. I also love sex. But if someone hasn’t had sex, I just think that he
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An attitude of gratitude

The Way I See It

Once, when I was a child, I set the garden hose to the sprinkler function and sat under a huge umbrella protecting me from the spray of water, just listening to its sound. It was all very romantic and strange. And it involved a huge amount of wasted water. The
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Scrolling through reality

Connect the Dots

I think, therefore I am.” But as the jester literati of the Heuristic Squelch once put it, “I think, therefore I am sad.” And to avoid such pensive thoughts, we plug into something — anything — to animate mundane weekly routines, and then escape into weekends of consumable debauchery. Many
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Culture of compromise dead in D.C.

Once one of the framers of the U.S. constitution was asked, “What are the three principles upon which this new government is founded?” Legend has it that he wryly quipped, “Well, the first is compromise, the second is compromise and the third is compromise.” Although you would not know it
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Athletic academics

HIGHER EDUCATION: NCAA academic regulations must strike a balance between individual accountability and team responsibility.

The term “student-athlete” implies dual responsibilities: the individual is committed to both education and athletic prowess. At the university level, it is imperative that the former not be sacrificed for the latter. According to NCAA figures, UC Berkeley had an impressive 81 percent graduation success rate for student-athletes as of
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Affordable access

HIGHER EDUCATION: Online access fees should not be passed on to students at community colleges to protect openness and access.

Accessibility and affordability are essential for public education to fulfill its purpose of creating a better functioning society. Community colleges in California remain the most open forms of higher education in the state’s three-tiered public system, and the state should work to preserve that accessibility. Budget cuts have been detrimental
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Getting past the mechanics

Sex on Monday

The specific mechanics of oral sex really shouldn’t be pondered too long. Like most of sex, the longer it is examined with an unhormonal eye, the more horrifying the entire process gets. Like a word repeated until it seems more like noise than something with actual meaning, when looked at
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