Sex is the biggest nothing

I have a friend who dated this asexual guy for roughly three years. Most people suspected he was gay, others thought he had some type of little child syndrome and she guessed he was just shy. He would never initiate anything sexually, and the few times they did make love, the
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Whistling in the dark: Berkeley budget woes

A couple years ago, the City of Vallejo went bankrupt, blaming unsustainable costs of wage and benefit packages negotiated with employee unions. Two months ago, Pleasant Hill, despairing of a negotiated settlement with the unions, imposed a salary freeze on its workers and dramatically reduced pension benefits for future hires.
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Failure to communicate

CAMPUS ISSUES: After much scrutiny of UC Berkeley’s handling of Nov. 9, the chancellor issued a less-than-satisfying apology.

As students began to zip across the country for Thanksgiving break last Tuesday, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau shot out an audio message to the UC Berkeley community — at last an apology for the highly-criticized events of Nov. 9. It takes courage to take full responsibility for the police
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Flagrant disregard

CITY AFFAIRS: Efforts to aid those affected by the Nov. 18 fire are noble, but reports about the landlord’s behavior are troubling.

A fiery blaze engulfed an apartment building at the corner of Haste Street and Telegraph Avenue on the night of Nov. 18, sending up in smoke the homes of 68 tenants, several businesses as well as the confidence of some residents in their building’s management. Soon after the fire, UC Berkeley
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Fighting the campus army

Given Insight

Oh Berkeley, you fickle mistress! I thought that I had seen every side of you, my dear. We’ve endured so much together over the past three years — a social security scam, an endless array of protests, several building occupations and even a riot. By now, I figured that I’d
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Greenlighting the blacklist


Thanksgiving is upon us once again, and indeed that fact alone is something to be thankful for. I certainly do not have to remind anyone of the gastronomical considerations — but because the holiday is centered on the enjoyment of the mass consumption of delicious food, our first reaction is
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CALPIRG: A voice for the public

CALPIRG interns and volunteers have engaged thousands of students here at Cal this semester, from asking students to sign petitions to ban plastic bags, collecting donations for famine relief in Somalia, student pledges to reduce energy overuse, signatures to urge Congress to cut wasteful subsidies to big agribusiness or pledges
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Educating the enforcers

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The recent incidents of excessive force by police on two campuses should be a wake up call for officers and campus administrators.

The University of California has been receiving negative attention in the media recently, and this time it’s not for tuition hikes. Police officers at UC Davis on Friday pepper-sprayed docile student protesters directly in their faces while they sat on the ground linking arms. Videos of the incident have since
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Going down to Chinatown

Sex on Tuesday

Whether the stereotype is the geisha girl, the China doll or the concubine, East Asian women have been hypersexualized and fantasized to be submissive, domestic and coquettish by Western media for quite some time now. Cio-Cio San kills herself in Giaconomo Puccini’s opera “Madama Butterfly” when her lover, the white
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