The same brand of human: Relearning schizophrenia

Older literature has constantly emphasized this difference between people with schizophrenia and “normal” people, but we’re turning away from those assumptions and trying to convince the world that people with schizophrenia are just as human as the rest of us.
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For undergraduate apprentices, time is money

CAMPUS ISSUES: When UC Berkeley researchers get thousands of dollars for their work, why should students go unpaid?

For all the opportunities URAP provides, it’s missing one crucial benefit that students really needs — consistent financial compensation for students’ work.
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Eid traditions: Ittar, bangles and prayer

Stories from The Book

Excuses and fibs piled up: I was sick or I had to go to a wedding. As I grew older, this began to change, and I attempted to educate people on the traditions that I practiced, to see the beauty in the religious practices that I also saw.
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Redefining diversity

Mixed Feelings

After being in this environment for so long and having countless discussions about diversity and inclusion, I began to question my definition of diversity. I wondered if, when I was looking for diverse campuses, I was really just looking for the most multicultural ones.
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