Photo Gallery: Cal baseball sweeps Pacific

The Cal baseball team began the 2012 campaign this weekend with a three-game sweep of Pacific. The Bears won Friday’s opener at Evans Diamond 9-1, and followed that up with a 6-3 win in Stockton, Calif. Cal completed the sweep with a 9-3 win on Sunday.

Photos from: The Lunar Eclipse

Daily Cal photographer Sean Goebel shot these awesome photos of the lunar eclipse early Saturday morning. About the series of photos he said, “On the left I exposed for the bright part of the moon, and on the right I exposed for the dark (red) part. Atmospheric turbulence was quite
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Photo Gallery: Fire at Telegraph and Haste

Taryn Erhardt/Senior Staff A firefighter climbs to the top of the building earlier in the evening. Taryn Erhardt/Senior Staff Three firefighters push a ladder up to lean it against the side of the building. Taryn Erhardt/Senior Staff A fireman runs towards the building holding an ax. Tony Zhou/Staff Some firefighters
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Photo Gallery: Police Clear Occupy Cal Encampment

Police in riot gear prepare to oust the protesters at around 3:30 AM. Police officers marched through the remains of the camp on the steps of Sproul Plaza. A pair of protesters blow bubbles after the camp was cleared.  An officer stands in the police line, surrounded by bubbles blown
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Photo Gallery: Occupy Cal (Nov. 15) Part III

 At sunset, protesters from both Occupy Cal and Occupy Oakland gathered for a General Assembly.  During the General Assembly, participants discussed and voted on proposals presented to the crowd.  Several people climbed to the roof of  the Golden Bear (GBC) to view the speakers that addressed the crowd. Mario Savio’s
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Photo Gallery: Nov. 9 Day of Action Part II

Police line up in front of Sproul Hall in riot gear. A protester is pinned to the ground by police. A group of protesters, despite earlier warnings from campus officials, proceed to set up tents in front of Sproul Hall. A protester sits on the ledge of a Sproul Hall
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Photo Gallery: Nov. 9 Day of Action Part I

Approximately 1,000 protesters flooded Sproul Plaza in support of the Nov. 9 Day of Action. A police officer on a motorcycle watches protesters as they march off of Sproul Plaza. Eugene W. Lau/Staff Protesters marched down Telegraph Avenue from Sproul Plaza. A protest sign is propped up against an ATM
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