Cal Day Issue 2014

Michael Drummond/File

To all newly admitted students — congratulations, you’ve made it! All your hard work and dedication for the past few years have paid off and now you have your ticket to attend the No. 1 public school in the world! Not only is UC Berkeley world renowned in academia, but
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How to find your community at UC Berkeley

One foot in, and it was already hard to breathe. Struggling to find space in the overcrowded Sproul Plaza, the fast-paced atmosphere was palpable. The overwhelming number of people and fliers may make it difficult to get a true snapshot of Berkeley, but it is a great way to be exposed to all the facets of Cal.
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9 Berkeley stereotypes that are absolutely true

Picketers are our homies On numerous occasions, you may find yourself walking to class, and someone will be yelling through a megaphone while a group of people chant some clever, rhyming jingle. It’s OK if said jingle gets stuck in your head and you belt it out like Queen Bey
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Sather Gate Cal Day

Why we love Cal Day

On Saturday, UC Berkeley will open its doors to thousands of prospective students and their parents for the school’s official open house — Cal Day. We at the Clog love Cal Day because, well, free food. There are also some fun events, such as excavation and yoga classes, and they’re not
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