UC Berkeley Cal Day Issue: Editor’s Note


You’re standing on the threshold of history. UC Berkeley has a magnificent past, a thriving present and an inspiring future, and you are here to have a taste of what your future has in store for you. Welcome! From the famous Free Speech Movement in 1964 to research in 2015
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Swimming in a sea of thousands

When I walked into Wheeler Hall for my first lecture of freshman year, my mouth dropped open in disbelief. Rows upon rows of empty seats filled the room, and as my eyes quickly scanned back and forth attempting to count the threadbare seats, I thought to myself, “Jessi, you’re not in Kansas anymore.”
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Find your voice on campus

When I first stepped on campus, it was Cal Day 2013. I walked up the sloped marble steps of Sproul Hall and plopped down. But I didn’t sit facing the rows of tables and milling students — I twisted at the hip and turned my whole body so that I faced Sproul Hall in all its glory.
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What I wish I knew when coming to UC Berkeley

On Jan. 18, I stepped off a bus and found myself in uncharted territory. I had heard a lot about where I was going — both good and bad things — and read a fair amount, too. As I got closer, I thought I was ready for what sure to be a momentous occasion. But nothing could have really prepared me for my first visit to Target.
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Learning from professors

I found myself fidgeting in front of a professor’s office, ready to burst into tears at any second. The door was closed, and the entire hallway was silent. I had missed my morning final exam when my alarm failed to go off. I couldn’t believe it.
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Tips for coming to Cal: Befriend upperclassmen, shop classes

Congratulations! You have been admitted to one of the most prestigious schools in the nation — probably as a result of your stellar resume, which highlighted your shining status as the No. 1 valedictorian and revealed your glowing experience in bringing aid to third-world countries while simultaneously interning at the public defender’s office during your first year of elementary school.
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