Brain like Berkeley: The campus in popular culture

Let’s get down to the facts: Going to a school so well-recognized that it’s casually mentioned in the media is really cool. Who among us hasn’t felt a little rush of excitement upon watching Frank Abagnale lie to his girlfriend’s parents about obtaining a degree from the UC Berkeley School
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Kingman, Sophia Weltman and Travis Bullock

10 best events to check out on Cal Day

With more than 400 events to choose from, Cal Day can be as daunting as it is exciting. Luckily, The Daily Californian is here to help you sort through all the cool events that the school has to offer. No doubt, this article is not nearly comprehensive, but we’ve compiled
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Taylor Follett_online

Falling in love the second time around

Whenever anyone asks me about how college is, I reply with “I love UC Berkeley!” This response has become my mantra. I chant it as I walk to my sixth midterm of the semester. I mention it to myself as I attempt to squeeze 10 hours of studying into three.
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Happiest student on earth: UC Berkeley’s first Disney major

On a campus where computer science, biology and political science are among the most popular majors, senior Kristine Sanders chose an unusual path: Disney. After transferring into the College of Environmental Design from the College of Letters and Science freshman year, Sanders knew she “wasn’t going to make the cut
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