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It’s easy to let the modern world and the grind of daily life occupy all your time. To some, exploration means going out to faraway lands and discovering places no one has ever been. But exploration comes easily in a state like California, with so many places to go and
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California’s hidden treasures

California is home to much more than meets the eye. From gorgeous nature getaways to enticing novelty shops, the Golden State hides hundreds of gems all across its land just waiting to be discovered. Here are some of our favorites over at the Daily Cal! You will not be disappointed.
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Alternatives to LA’s biggest tourist traps

During the sunny months of summer, travelers flood the gates of California in search of top tourist destinations. While these attractions span across the state, most can be found in one location: Los Angeles. This city of stars contains a plethora of activities, yet many of the same top attractions
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36 hours in Winters, CA

  Despite its deceptive name, Winters, California — located a little more than an hour drive from Berkeley — offers a beautiful summer weekend escape from the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area. Situated between California’s North Coast mountain ranges and the extensive, irrigated fields of the Central Valley,
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Food to take on a roadtrip

Residents of Berkeley can literally go in any direction when they feel it’s time for a road trip. From here one can go north to Portland, Seattle or Vancouver; east to Yosemite, Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe; west to Ocean Beach and various locations in San Francisco; south to Santa
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Pokémon GO ruined my roadtrip

When he said yes to a road trip, I was hella pumped. But when he said no to SoCal, I deflated. What a killjoy. Upon seeing my crestfallen face, he gives me some bullshit excuse like traffic or time constraints or something. Even so, this dude is my favoritest person
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Riding in cars with angry men

The silver screen is an ideal place place to enjoy the wide open road. As Americana rolls by — rock outcroppings, tumbleweeds, giant rubber band balls — you sit comfortable, air-conditioned, with clearly-marked bathrooms. Hours on end in a car are artfully edited into two hours of landscape and plot
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