Looking at campus resources not every student knows about

While our academic merit and unique achievements helped us get into UC Berkeley, now that we’re here, who are we to shy away from a little help? The same excellence that makes UC Berkeley a top school can also make it intimidating and overwhelming. Below we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be some of the campus’s most useful and potentially underutilized resources.
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Berkeley Beginnings: editors’ note

On the day you are being introduced to innumerable campus resources, here’s one more for you. What you hold in your hands — or what’s staring back at you on your computer screen — is your go-to source for Berkeley’s news.
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From cowtown to campus: a reflection on CalSO

Two years ago, I arrived at CalSO orientation — 65 glaring minutes too soon. My mother’s dented minivan took the Claremont Avenue exit as I breathed in to quell my nerves. I nervously opened one eyelid, then the other. It was my first glimpse of Berkeley, and I saw sidewalks — gray, narrow, uneven sidewalks that lined Claremont Avenue.
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Avoiding a lackluster CalSO experience

When I signed up for CalSO after accepting my admission to UC Berkeley, I didn’t know what to expect because I never planned to attend the school. As weird as it may seem, I didn’t even know anything about the campus until I considered applying to the UC system. Growing
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5 most obscure majors on campus

Do you want to chop a log with an axe? Then forestry is the major for you. The forestry major doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be a park ranger. Over the years, the focus has shifted from managing forests to sustainability. Choosing between two concentrations — professional forestry and natural sciences — forestry students study the art and science of managing forested landscapes. More than two-thirds of the students are female, a bit of an anomaly in the field. One of the oldest programs at UC Berkeley, forestry has a 100-year-old legacy to uphold.
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