2016 admits at a glance

Goldia Kiteck is the design editor. Contact her at [email protected] Correction(s):A previous version of this infographic incorrectly presented admissions data from 2015. In fact, information about this year’s admits comes from data released in 2016.


A walk through campus: remnants of history

UC Berkeley’s campus is littered with history and tradition in every corner — one must only look. Behind almost every building statue and bench is a story. South Hall, UC Berkeley’s first building, built in 1873, was where everything started. The early 1900s saw the rise of the Campanile and
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michelle's mom

Growing through the years: Debbie Pitcher

Michelle had worked so hard for that day, for this future. It was time for her to get ready to move far away — to my home state of California, to the school where Uncle Don taught, to where history was and is still being made. Though I worried about her stress and safety, I reminded myself when it came time for orientation that this is my daughter: she is prepared to take on the world.
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College: It’s bananas

But as I failed to make sense of my own yellow-peeled stupidity, I realized that I don’t even know me; I’ve merely met me. The horrible truth is that I’m not sure exactly why I smuggled bananas.
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CalSO: A history

Each summer, thousands of newly admitted UC Berkeley students flood campus for two-day crash courses on time-honored Cal traditions and to sign up for their first set of classes. Since its inception in 1968, CalSO was intended as a space where baby Bears could learn to navigate the campus and meet some of their peers before officially starting school in the fall.
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