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Career fairs seem to come out of nowhere — the school year just kicked into gear, yet we’re already forced to confront the reality of how quickly the next step is approaching. Although this may be intimidating, it’s also exciting.
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A career in foamed milk

At the beginning of last summer, I found myself with a job at Avant-Card, a specialty card shop on Bancroft Way that sits next to a flower stand. I would come into work in a cute outfit I’d planned the night before, read Haruki Murakami’s “The Wind-up Bird Chronicle” behind the counter and play Anderson .Paak in the store. It was like my life was turning into a meme-y rom-com, and honestly, I was pretty okay with it.
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How you, too, can become a corporate hotshot

Have you ever felt like a pariah while hanging out with your business-oriented friends? While you might have multiple theories as to why that happens, one plausible explanation is the language they choose to communicate with. Words spewed from their mouth have an almost mystical air of arrogance. To understand these words, you have to transcend your regular sphere of humanistic existence and enter the “visionary” realm of the corporate juggernaut.
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Does networking work?

Getting a grasp on what exactly networking means, and how it differs from making friends, can be difficult. Some people define networking as simply as making connections. Are old friends considered part of someone’s network? What about siblings, or family members?
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Whatever I Want

When I was seven I wanted to be a candy-maker. What better way to spend your days than making fudge, pulling taffy and eating every candy in sight? As soon as I learned that candy-makers cannot eat all their candy, my ambitions changed.
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