Best fall flicks to watch at a theater near you

There are families cluttered on Telegraph Avenue, the bookstore line is out the door, and freshmen are scrambling to find their classes. Even though classes are starting, don’t let the imminent stress of midterms, papers and all-nighters get the best of you. While exploring the city of Berkeley, make sure to catch these movie premieres to help blow off some steam or satisfy your inner movie lover!
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Q&A with Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion Na’ilah Nasir

The campus recently appointed UC Berkeley professor Na’ilah Nasir as the new vice chancellor for equity and inclusion after Gibor Basri — the first to hold the position — opted to step down. Nasir, who is set to begin her term Nov. 1, sat down with The Daily Californian to talk about how she plans to work with students, why leading the division of equity and inclusion is so challenging, and how her academic research will inform her new administrative position.
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Catching up with Berkeley

A review of the major Berkeley summer news

Minimum wage to reach $15 The minimum wage for UC employees who work at least 20 hours per week will increase to $15 in 2017 after increasing to $13 by October and to $14 in 2016. The new policy, announced by UC President Janet Napolitano at a UC Board of
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How to step up your studying game

The Daily Californian commissioned me to come up with a few study pointers to help you acclimate. I’m here to assure you that you can reach your full potential, even as you transition into the exciting new world of psychology readers and Top Ramen.
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Tentative move-in dates for Lower Sproul

After more than two years without a hub for student life, the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union and Eshleman Hall are finally opening their doors to students. If the idea of a campus pub hasn’t already captured your attention, Lower Sproul has more to offer by way of restaurants, student offices, the Cal Student Store and much more.
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Back to Berkeley Instagram contest winners

Two weeks ago, we opened up submissions for our Back to Berkeley Instagram contest, which commemorated the start of another academic year. All we required was that you share with us images of your favorite places in Berkeley, along with the date and location. You, the readers, responded, and we’re excited to finally share the winning Instas.
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Being an ally to bisexuals

People never deserve to be assumed to be anything other than what they choose to reveal. But a reason to hold your theories, aside from not being an asshole, is that there’s a good chance the person your gaydar beeps for is neither gay nor straight. Yes, those individuals do exist.
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