A brief introduction to the Berkeley arts scene

Although San Francisco and Oakland typically get noticed more for their thriving arts scenes, Berkeley too has a vibrant world of of art to explore, ranging from its larger, more recognized concerts to smaller, more intimate music and theater venues. So before you get too absorbed in midterms and classes,
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On-campus napping is important

My friend and I have a foolproof napping system. A particularly evil professor of ours takes attendance in class. As a result, we both show up. But we do not let the professor defeat us. We wear our comfortable pants, raise our hands when our names are called for attendance,
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From Channing Way

Asphalt streets roar. The Dressed-Up emerge and fill the gaps between houses, marching to the nearest crowd — some function. A mass of youthful students often appears, choosing and deciding which path to follow, head often bent, considering which slew of texts to send.
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10 meals under $10 not in the Asian Ghetto

There are a lot of things to love about Asian Ghetto — it’s cheap, it’s right next to the dorms and you can get double your daily recommended amount of sodium from two bites of pretty much anything you buy there. But when you eat there every time you’re stumbling home from a frat party you probably shouldn’t have gone to, it can get old fast.
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Protesters yell at each other in alt-right rally April 15 at Civic Center Park, while police stand between the groups.

5 Berkeley news events to know

As UC Berkeley students, we have a unique experience of being immersed in a town filled with citizens passionate about local and national issues, but it’s often easy to forget all that’s going on around us when problem sets and midterms are mounting up. Here’s a quick guide to what’s going
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