Michael Tao/Staff

Crash Course: Best and worst brain foods

More than anything else, the stress and pressure of finals prompt an overwhelming desire to constantly munch on snackable foods. While sugar and carbohydrates are good for actually getting your brain moving, they may not have the best effects on your health once the stress balloon has been deflated. Caramel apple pops might taste better, but real apples are much healthier.
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Study drugs: magic or medicine?

We’ve all heard of the so-called epidemic of “study drug” abuse in this country. A black market of these pharmaceuticals, used illegally by individuals chasing higher test scores or just a recreational high, has made its way into educational and professional institutions alike.
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A guide to reduced-guilt procrastination

There comes a time during RRR Week when every student finds himself or herself in a moral quandary: To study or, perchance, to browse GIFs on Tumblr for three hours? Even the best of us may suffer from a severe aversion to studying from time to time.
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