Kitchen tip: Cooking with alcohol

Everyone has that morning. You wake up and realize all the alcohol from last night is half full and uncapped. No one wants to drink it anymore, but you don’t feel right just pouring it down the drain. Very few people understand the potential that alcohol beverages of all kinds
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Know your beer

Mmmmm beer. Billions of people around the world drink this alcoholic beverage made in thousands of variations. But how is it made? What different kinds of beer are out there in the world? Most importantly, what bars around Berkeley should you visit? Check out our infographic down below.    
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Solano Avenue: from sashimi to spices

Nestled in North Berkeley, Solano Avenue at first glance seems oddly familiar, featuring well-loved Berkeley staples such as Zachary’s Pizza, House of Curries and Sunnyside Cafe, located within walking distance of one another. But the street is hardly a carbon copy of our familiar campus streets — the atmosphere here
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Fried chicken and waffle at 900 Grayson. Image by Michael Tao/staff.

Bay’s best brunches

Brunch is the ultimate expression of leisure: You don’t get up early, and you don’t cook it yourself. All you have to do is put on your sunglasses and show up at some lovely place at a golden late-morning hour, and brunch will come to you. With or without alcohol,
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A guide to tea drinking and pairing

After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world, with the first record of tea-drinking dating as far back as the 10th century B.C. Like wine, tea has a vast spectrum of taste profiles, depending on its production and age. Different kinds of tea are best in
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Testing Thainess

When I decided to study abroad in Bangkok for six months, elephants and island-hopping were part of the plan, but eating was the main objective. I had been eating at Thai restaurants since I was a little girl, and I was ready to make the journey over to the homeland
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Homemade soba ready for lunch.

Soba noodles at Ippuku

A brief history of soba Like pasta, soba originally developed from gruel and polenta. Unlike pasta, these precursors of soba were eaten by “ninja and ascetics who spent extended periods of time training or traveling in remote mountain areas” (James Udesky, “The Book of Soba”). Modern science has demonstrated the
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Return to the tradition of handmade noodles

Various delicious restaurants in Downtown Berkeley say the pasta or soba they serve is “homemade.” This distinction, though well received, made the writers at the Daily Cal wonder: What value do homemade noodles have besides their novelty? To address this question, we took to the kitchens of Ippuku, Trattoria Corso
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Editors’ note

Few communities can boast a gourmet culture as rich and diverse as that of the East Bay. From Solano Avenue in North Berkeley to Lake Merritt in our southern neighbor Oakland, we have countless options to indulge — trendy brunches, artisanal handmade noodles and hole-in-the-wall bars, to name a few.
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