Editors’ note

Your first steps onto the Cal campus mark the beginning of a new adventure, yet your path is uncharted. It’s hard to know exactly what course your college experience will take in just your first few days here. The options are, admittedly, overwhelming. The great challenge at UC Berkeley is
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10 local figures you ought to know

Walking around Berkeley, you will likely meet a wide host of characters. From classmates to custodians, from city officials to campus administrators, the faces of Berkeley are numerous and varied. Below we have included some of the more prominent figures you are like to see or read about both on campus and around the city of Berkeley.
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Berkeley acronyms

Below are commonly used acronyms at UC Berkeley. GBC — Golden Bear Cafe VLSB — Valley Life Sciences Building FSM — Free Speech Movement (Cafe) CKC — Clark Kerr Campus EECS (pronounced EEKS!) — Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences SLC — Student Learning Center GSI — Graduate Student Instructor CARS
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Living frugally with style

Berkeley is expensive. The rent is high. The clothing stores are trendy and cost a lot. If you let loose for dinner at a restaurant with homey decor and ethically raised ingredients, you can end up with a bill costing $45 per person. A year after arriving in Berkeley, I changed three things. First, I stopped comparing prices here with those in Houston, my hometown. Second, I started having a budget for the first time in my life. Finally, I started to cook.
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Flames, friends and flings

In moments of taunting reminiscence, I find myself once again sitting on the Cheese Board median, allotting more mouth time to flirting with this almost-stranger than to devouring the heavenly parmesan pizza sitting between us.
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