Leah Romm_online

Finding my team at UC Berkeley

A little over a year ago, I found myself headed to Oakland in the backseat of my first Uber ride. Earlier that day, one of my dearest friends had noticed my gloomy demeanor — fueled by the anxiety of awaiting my LSAT score — and proposed that we take a trip to Fentons Creamery.
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Virgie Hoban_online

A world of our own

I’m sitting in Wheeler Hall for my introductory astronomy class, and Alex Filippenko is giving a lecture on the solar system. When he gets to Saturn, he steps away from the podium and starts to tell a story. One night, as a kid, he pointed his new telescope to the
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Simone Rudolf-Dib_Mug

The last headline I wrote for the Daily Cal

On Feb. 12, 2013, I Instagrammed a poorly filtered picture of Doe Library and the Campanile with the caption “#home.” I know this for two reasons: One, because I am a Millennial who is far too aware of her presence on social media, and two, because I think I’ll always remember the feeling I had when I took that picture more than three years ago.
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Akshay Balwani_online

Why do we seek education?

Nine days away from graduation, after spending four years (and an amazing amount of money) to study at the No. 1 public institution in the world, I, along with many others, am still asking, “Why do we seek education?”
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