Editors’ note: Stepping out of the spotlight


As UC Berkeley graduates, we may believe that we’re about to step into the spotlight as we adorn ourselves in robes, stoles, cords and caps. In reality, we’re about to step out of it. Our soon-to-be alma mater has faced its fair share of hardship in recent memory, perhaps most
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Never forgot

I’ll probably never shake off the guilt of jumping from Mission to Berkeley. Graduation should be a celebration. But it doesn’t feel right for me to do that. I just want everybody I came up with to be here with me today.
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Three Berkeleys, zero sincerity

Throughout the process of writing this column, I was hard on myself. I wasn’t getting it right, wasn’t nailing what I could possibly say to offer some profound insight into the college experience. At first, my idea was to write about the concept of three Berkeleys. That idea was born
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Bye, losers

There’s a bench on the north side of campus, covered in graffiti and constantly surrounded by empty liquor bottles, cigarette butts and the occasional pair of underwear. It’s hidden, tucked away in a patch of trees on a detour path you’ve probably only ever taken if you don’t fear murder — or if you work for The Daily Californian, in which case you fear nothing, because you feel nothing.
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A glass case of emotion

Last week, I walked into my final 8 a.m. class, which I had consistently been complaining about for the whole semester, and I teared up because “A Sky Full of Stars” played through the speakers. Ugly-weeping to a Coldplay song is not something I do regularly, but mixed with “last
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Making a difference in 4 years at UC Berkeley

I always find the days leading up to graduation to be a time of excitement and joy — even as I know that, for many, they’re also a period of uncertainty about a new future, tinged with the sadness that comes from leaving an extraordinary place, group of friends and
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Packing your trunk: The journey after college

The Roman god Janus is the god of gates, transitions and doorways; he has two faces, one looking backward and one forward. This is a Janus-like moment for those of you who are graduating from UC Berkeley and preparing for that big unknown — life after college — and for
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Accept me!

I’ve dreaded this for months. This column, graduating, writing a lede about how unprepared I was to write this lede. It’s all been staring me in the face. People keep asking: “Are you excited to graduate?” or “Are you excited to write that lede?” Obviously not. Like with anything else
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Katy Abbott_online

Missed deadline

When I started working at The Daily Californian, I was sure that I wanted to be a journalist. I applied to the news department as my second choice, if only because I was afraid I wouldn’t get hired. As a copy editor my first two semesters, I looked longingly at
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