The questions

The air held just enough hints of an oncoming spring that when I gasped — an O-shaped inhale sucking in January — and hit the bottom of the steps with a crack, I felt at least a fleeting sense of peacefulness. At the end of a yoga class, one lays
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The empowerment of Berkeley

I was in my dorm freshman year when I got an email from my “boss” asking me to go to the UC Board of Regents meeting at UCSF. I was interning for the ASUC external affairs vice president in her community something-something office. I don’t remember the exact name, but
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If only I’d known

When scrolling through the meme page this past week, did you come across the meme with an image of a sobbing boy that says, “Last week of senior year, and everything on campus makes you cry”? This meme perfectly conveys my current state of fragile emotion. When I entered college
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My mushroom moment

Those Cheese Board mushrooms pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to challenge basic truths I thought I understood about myself. And every day since, Berkeley has done the same.
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How to crack a Capricorn

I got way too into astrology toward the end of high school and never really let go of my sign as a defining personal identifier. The thing about Capricorns is that we’re tough. We’re ambitious. We don’t like feelings. We’re not very good at responding to text messages.
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