Memorial Stadium’s new epic sound

With a long white beard and casual plaid shirt, Berkeley resident John Meyer may not look like a renowned expert of sound technology. Over the last 33 years, Meyer has been commissioned to build speakers for some of the biggest names in the Bay — from the band the Grateful
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Berkeley immortalized through numerous cultural showcases

If imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery, then it could be argued that the greatest service that could be rendered to a city is for it to be interpreted through art. Although most might be familiar with the ways in which neighboring metropolis San Francisco has been captured through such means, Berkeley has left its own admirable legacy across a wide spectrum of artistic mediums.
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Homecoming 2012: Editor’s Note

This Homecoming has a lot to offer besides a Saturday evening matchup with UCLA. Players and fans alike have a glowing stadium to call home; Cal boasts a superstar wide receiver and first-round NFL projection; and not to mention, Berkeley’s surrounding businesses will undoubtedly flourish with the return of Memorial Stadium.
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