Spirited Away: Editor’s note


Cal football is off to a promising start this year, and the Homecoming game against Washington State is just one of many activities to look forward to this weekend. Alumni reminisce about the glory days, parents get a glimpse of their kids’ daily lives and we as students are a bit overwhelmed with the sheer presence of so many real adults in one place.
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A history of Homecoming

This weekend, the campus will swell with the addition of more than 4,500 parents and alumni, here to reminisce and revel in the company of classmates past and take in the sights and sounds of Berkeley. For some, looking at campus landmarks and residence halls stirs nothing more than the memory of dropping off children on move-in day, but for others, the return to Berkeley signifies something more — a kind of coming home.
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Picks for Parents Weekend

If you take a look around this weekend, you might notice that a few things are a little out of the ordinary. The trees are newly pruned, it’s a tad cloudier than normal, and campus is positively swarming with mobs of parents, siblings and alumni. Welcome to Homecoming Weekend, kids.
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Re-mum-bering Texas traditions

Although I’m in my third year at UC Berkeley, the word “homecoming” still brings me back to the days at my big Texas public high school. That place, where my senior portrait hung on the wall by the main entrance, was always home to me. I never doubted that I belonged there — it was certainty rooted in immortalized traditions, recurring over generations and indubitably into the future.
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