Housing Issue 2015: Editors’ Note


House hunting is a momentous experience in your college career, but it is one that is often fraught with anxiety and unease. As you embark on your journey to find the perfect home here in Berkeley, keep in mind that you are not alone in this process — there are
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The types of housing in Berkeley

Campus residence halls If you’re looking for a simple living situation, the campus residence halls are for you. They cost approximately $1,300 to $1,800 per month, and there is no need to clean or buy furniture and groceries, because every residence hall is prefurnished, offers extensive meal plan options and
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Helpful housing advice from an RA

Real talk, I know you’re the one who threw up in the shower. Those string lights in your room are a fire hazard and definitely against policy. But it’s OK, because I’m going to help you out anyways. In my time as a resident assistant, I have seen the best
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Nothing but a number

Currently, I am typing this in a boxy, stuffy, fluorescent-lit room in Unit 2. This living quarter costs about 3,400 quarters every month of every semester. That’s not a bad price, considering I share a room with one shower, one toilet and five men. (Unfortunately, you are reading print, which
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Know your rights and responsibilities as a tenant

Finding housing in Berkeley is tough, but before settling for a low-quality, run-down apartment, students should know their rights and what to expect from their landlords and the community. State and city laws provide protections for tenants, such as the right to a working heater and rodent-free housing, but individual
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What is the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board?

James Chang, a recent UC Berkeley graduate and current Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board commissioner, knows housing in Berkeley better than most. Financially independent throughout most of his college years, Chang is someone who has experienced the thick and thin of the arduous, if not obnoxious, adventure of finding housing. He
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