Catherine Strauss_online

Summer Rites of the Delta Upsilons

Last spring, my friend and I made the decision to dwell among the Delta Upsilons during the summer. When initiated, we prepared ourselves for a foreign living experience. Located on the south side of town, the Delta Upsilon tribe, Greek letters ΔΥ, is an all-male group that resides between the
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Addy Bhasin

Home wasn’t built in a day

We call ourselves the Benvenue Blood Sisters. There are six of us. We are very close, and we live in a house called the Benvenue Estate, named after the street we live on. I’ve lived here the longest out of the six of us: three years to be exact, so
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Karim Doumar

Love thy neighbor, or at least try

Forehead vein bursting from beneath his skin, he inhaled sharply and vindictively proclaimed, “You’re done!” He then paused for effect. His bloodshot eyes bulged from their ancient sockets and darted through my living room as he struggled through belabored, rageful breaths to finish: “With the screamin’!” These words echoed through
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