Labs heat up in the summer

While UC Berkeley may seem less lively during the summer, the lazy slumber of the season has no effect on its world-renowned labs, which are still busy at work. With no classes to teach, professors use the summertime to do research. Cancer research Professor emeritus of mathematics and physics Rainer
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Foster the People, a trio from Los Angeles, is one of many bands that will perform at the Outside Lands music festival.

Sounds of Summer

With the end of school comes vacation, and concerts are a summer must. Whether it’s relaxing with friends or simply listening to quality music, concerts provide everyone with a unique and entertaining experience. This summer, the Bay Area has a loaded lineup that has something for just about everyone. Hopefully
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Sandwich Circus

The area just south of Telegraph Avenue and Bancroft Way is lively at almost all hours of the day, but it really comes alive weekday afternoons when the sidewalks fill with students seeking to satisfy the hunger they accrued while in class. Restaurants featuring cuisine from around the world —
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Editors’ Note

When asked about your summer plans, answering “staying in Berkeley” may seem pretty plain compared to your jet-setting, globe-trotting friends. But take a moment to think. You’re in Berkeley — known for radical ideas and protests — in the beautiful Bay Area. Its neighbors are Oakland and San Francisco, ripe
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BART about the Bay

The San Francisco Bay Area has a vast amount of quirky and interesting places to visit, many of which are accessible by BART ­— the public transit system for the entire Bay Area. From the suburbs of Pleasanton to the hustle and bustle of the city of Oakland, you’re just
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The Clog’s Summer Bucket List

Four years flies by far too quickly, leaving us with barely enough time to accomplish all we want to do in Berkeley. That’s why the Clog has compiled a summer bucket list. Start now and participate in some of the hippest, chilliest, coolest, swaggiest, Cloggiest, you-don’t-want-to-miss-these things to do before you graduate.
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The case for innovation

Farewell column from the outgoing editor

All in only one week and a half this past November, police officers used force against protesters to clear tents off Sproul Plaza, an armed student was shot and killed at a campus computer lab, a sea of students rallied on Sproul to listen to Professor Robert Reich lecture about
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Parting thoughts

Farewell columns from graduating student leaders

As part of our 2012 Graduation Issue, we asked student leaders who are graduating to write farewell columns reflecting on their college experiences and sharing the lessons they learned. Below are links to the columns: Leading through not leading, by Daniel Kronovet, president of the Berkeley Student Cooperative for the 2010-11
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vishalli loomba

Parting thoughts: say yes

The following is a farewell column from our 2012 Graduation Issue. Read the other farewell columns here. Looking back at my four years here, I can’t help but be a little bittersweet about leaving a place that has truly become my home. Getting into Cal was a dream come true,
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