Excuse Me My Trespasses

Jimsoned, my words are; clovered, clustered. Excuse my hair, my platform eyes. I’m crowded by theorems and connected investigations; they clutter the chairs, they jimmy all the locks. They return my kisses with such sobriety that blue and slow are crowns, synonyms. I might have waited elsewhere. But looking is its own gym, its
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Black Girl Magic

I see it in my sister’s face, when she smiles with that quiet grace I see it when I’m with my friends, and their supply that never ends   I see it in a stranger’s stare, attempting to find out precisely where It’s like they’re trying to figure out the
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How ‘Black Panther’ became an Oscar nominee

This awards season, “Black Panther” has garnered Oscar buzz like Wakanda has vibranium. In total, the film was nominated for best picture, original score, original song, sound mixing, sound design, production design and costume design. As noted by Vulture, these are history-making nominations, but just how did “Black Panther” become
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