A year in review


January: Anthropology Library Occupation After a group of demonstrators occupied the campus anthropology library, the campus administration agreed to restore its previously curtailed hours. February 18: Death of Peter Cukor Controversy arose after a Berkeley resident was killed while police were monitoring an Occupy protest nearby. February: Occupy Emails Administrators’
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Melissa Padilla and her son.

An unlikely Cal student

Transfer student uses education as way out of struggles, works to provide others support

UC Berkeley junior Melissa Padilla was 13 the first time she ran away from home, though she doesn’t remember why or for how long. She was 14 when she started drinking, a juvenile diversion that soon turned into daily habit. She was 15 when she got hooked on meth. Padilla’s
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Biggest Mistakes of Election 2012

Looking back on another tumultuous election season filled with countless political missteps, the Daily Cal’s opinion writers share their views on a few of the most significant blunders. 1. Rape Remarks During this last election season, a lot of ideas about rape and abortion were thrown around by politicians, the
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Editors’ Note

On the UC Berkeley campus, the year 2012 seemed to embody the phrase “out with the old, in with the new,” given the announcement in the spring that Chancellor Robert Birgeneau would step down and the firing of longtime head football coach Jeff Tedford this fall. Still, this year also
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Best Newcomer: Chris Harper (Derek Remsburg/Senior Staff)

Fall 2012 Sports Awards

Best Male Athlete: Keenan Allen While Cal football continued to be Cal football in 2012, Keenan Allen continued to be Keenan Allen. Not even shoddy quarterback plays and a porous offensive line could hold back the junior wide receiver. Despite drawing double coverage on almost every play that he was
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In the midst of a critical condition

There is a reason nobody makes films about arts critics. Even the closest thing we have, Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous,” has far too much sex, drugs and designer mod dresses to ever be considered an accurate reflection of the modern arts journalist. And that’s because we aren’t really journalists. We
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Top 10 films of the year

1. The Master Out of all the films to debut in 2012, none was quite as daring, ambitious or compelling as “There Will Be Blood” director Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest dissertation on the complexities of existence, “The Master.” Sweeping cinematography brings to life a poignant script set to a mesmerizing
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Top 10 albums of the year

The Daily Cal’s arts staff assesses the best tunes of the year 2012

1. Frank Ocean — Channel ORANGE Channel ORANGE is more than a collection of songs. It is an experience, a story about a crack addict in Arkansas, a stripper namedCleopatra, a rich kid raised my maids, a monk in a mosh pit and a man coping with his religion and
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