Farewell to ’15: Editor’s note

farewell 15 ed note2

Now that the year is coming to a close, The Daily Californian is taking one last look back at prominent moments that we will remember from 2015. In this issue, we reflect on the summer’s tragic balcony collapse, highlight issues that sparked student protest and summarize landmark decisions affecting the
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Top sports moments in 2015

Cal women’s swim wins NCAA National Championship With a final score of 513 total points, a school record, the Cal women’s swim team won the NCAA Championship in March. Missy Franklin certainly left her legacy behind in her second and final season as a Bear, leading the team to two
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The return of a quality Hollywood, at least for now

The neglect of making quality films first and blockbusters second has left me cold. But while Hollywood will clearly keep rebooting stale franchises with no intentions of crafting intelligent or inspired entertainment, 2015 at least showed what can happen when Hollywood steps out of its boring comfort zone and allows filmmakers to not get bogged down by appealing only to the masses.
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After June balcony collapse, city, county officials take action

The beige walls of the Library Gardens apartment complex flickered with reflections of emergency lights, a grim parallel to the red party cups littering the pale gray sidewalk, lying among the rubble. Before anyone could question what had led to the tragedy, paramedics first needed to determine who had even survived it, sifting through the wreckage of a fallen balcony.
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Top moments in 2015 news

UC Regents decisions, attention cast on campus instructors and ongoing review of city policies were some of the top headlines that made it into our papers this year. Compiled by the Daily Cal’s news editors, these were the year’s most notable events in city and campus news.
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