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Levy Yun/Staff

When we were kids, we were taught that sex isn’t love and love isn’t sex; one doesn’t lead to the other. Somewhere along the way, we accepted that and altered it to fit our changing perspectives and needs. But it’s not all that simple. Our sex lives don’t read out like an issue of Cosmo.
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Recreational Sports Facility offers tease aerobics

“Your booty is a turntable!” booms an amplified voice from one end of a large mirrored exercise room, and dozens of derrieres sway back and forth in compliance. Is this some bizarre dream? No, just a Sunday night Tease Aerobics class.Tease aerobics is exactly what it sounds like: a more
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Teacher’s pet: getting down with GSIs

There is always that one grad student. The one who makes your mouth water when they derive equations in sections. The one who actually motivates you to do all your reading each week, just so when you answer a question correctly, they can flash you a brilliant smile. I’ve received
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Sex Issue Photos

Sex on campus: actually doable?

“Aw, man, you gotta fuck in Main Stacks for sure.” “Classrooms in Le Conte give you so much to work with.” “Eucalyptus Grove is a must.” Sex on campus. It’s the ultimate bucket list for adventurous and horny souls. Not only does it make for an awesome college story for
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Decal teaches sexual liberation

UC Berkeley is known for its wide variety of course offerings, especially when it comes to student-taught classes, which include everything from Phish: A Critical Analysis to The Psychology of Text Messaging. One class, however, is best known by the buzz and rumors surrounding it, rather than its cult interest
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Sex Issue - Kia Mug

Great sexpectations

Oh, pornography. Such a fascinating industry. Taboo in most cultures, yet celebrated yearly at the Adult Video News Awards, porn is most certainly cherished as much as it is persecuted. Being a college kid, it has obviously crossed my path, from my own viewing pleasure, to a friend showing me
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Sex addiction explored in cinema

Brandon (Michael Fassbender) is a handsome, charming Manhattanite with a well-paid office job and a spacious studio apartment. He is also a sex addict. He stares at women on the subway and in his office, and he smoothly seduces them in bars. He has call girls at the end of
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Sex Issue Mug Shot - Patricia

The best sex I’ve never had

The best sex I’ve ever had didn’t take place in my dorm room. It didn’t happen in the heat of a late spring night, in a space illuminated by the orange glow of streetlights nearby. It didn’t involve someone who I had grown to adore, who knew exactly how to
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