Dirty Decibels Playlist

A sexy playlist for every occasion

The human experience is all about feeding the senses. The more we engage our taste buds, fill our memories with sights of things grotesque or beautiful or touch to get a feel of what is real and what is not, the more we take away from the moment. As one
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Celibacy for the sexually active

No Sex

There was a time in my fairly recent past when “Big Pimpin’” was the soundtrack to my life. It was a time of plenty during which I was getting numbers from every cute counter clerk I came across, going on consecutive dates with lots of attractive people and cramming in
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Valentine’s Day: Love it or hate it?

Has Valentine’s Day become nothing more than the emblem of holiday-themed consumerism, or is there value in having one day of the year devoted to love? We asked several Cal students for their opinions about February 14th.
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Bondage club brings out hidden kinkiness

The weekly Bondage-a-Go-Go event at the Cat Club in San Francisco is not only bedecked with gimp suits, chains and industrial metal that would put any Marilyn Manson music video to shame. But it’s also a space for an inclusive community that just happens to love BDSM.
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Student vaginas scream out about culture, ethnicity

Screaming “cunt” at the top of your lungs in a public setting with several hundred other people only happens once a year, and it’s at “The Vagina Monologues.” This year’s themes of race, ethnicity and culture hit on consistently prevalent and controversial topics. All walks of life pack a full
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Positions of power in play

Coming from the unincorporated town of rural Hockinson, Wash., then relocating to the hub of gay culture has rocked my world in more ways than one, I have never felt fully comfortable identifying as either dominant or submissive. But since being in the Bay Area, I have learned that this binary doesn’t need to exist. I am only beginning my life as a young rookie in the sexual world, and San Francisco has been my biggest challenge yet.
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Reclaiming the one-night stand

Bluntly put, I am an avid supporter of the one-night stand. That doesn’t mean I spend all my weekends seeking out and partaking in boozy sex with random strangers, but rather that I find true value in the experience.
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Local sex shop chain experiences massive growth

In the four years I’ve been reporting for The Daily Californian, it wasn’t until I attended the post-renovation grand re-opening of the Berkeley location of Good Vibrations that I found the holy grail of party favors: a free vibrator given away with a smile to anyone who wished the sex
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