Sex Issue 2016: Editor’s Note


You probably remember the first time you got the “birds and the bees” speech. Your parents clumsily navigated the topic of safe sex, and maybe they unraveled a condom onto a banana. The conversation was extremely awkward. Yes, you were young back then. But now you’re in college, and conversations
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Vagina Monologues: Not just another V-Day tradition

For some of us, February brings the promise of roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate; for others, the impending day of love brings no more than a few fruitless swipes on Tinder and a lonely Netflix binge. But while Valentine’s Day is ubiquitous, February also brings with it a less
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Feeling warm and furry

“Come for the fur, stay for the hugs.” This is the slogan we work out 20 minutes into a discussion with three self-described “furries” — members of the fandom known for their animal-inspired costumes (and huge conventions across the country) but are still waiting for a multifaceted portrayal in popular
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FemSex DeCal: A space to share your story

To a casual viewer, the basic idea behind FemSex can seem to be spelled out pretty clearly in the name. Fem: related to womxn. Sex: well, that’s self-explanatory. But to assume that that’s the whole story when it comes to this DeCal would be reductive. Though FemSex definitely wants to
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Catherine Strauss_online

Sharing is caring

When a total stranger kissed me above Sacramento grounds one summer on a rafting trip, I felt elevated — and not just by the water. This would all sound like a prelude to a typical love story if I didn’t have a boyfriend and the stranger weren’t a girl. Neither
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Tami Sharma_online

Reclaiming my voice

Breathe in. Open your mouth. Exhale. Exert your vocal chords. Silence. It’s all too familiar a feeling to lose your voice. You cheered too much at the concert or game last night. You have a sore throat. Maybe you just drank or smoked too much. Losing your voice doesn’t always
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Your love is my (unsolicited) drug

I met my first love during Dead Week. Or, at least I thought I did. Over Thanksgiving break, inspired by a breakup that left me morose and in a creative funk, I created an OkCupid account. I wasn’t sure about how I felt about this app, which I had unceremoniously
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