Sex Issue 2017: Editor’s Note


In the story of Adam and Eve, the Tree of Knowledge bore the forbidden fruit: an object of pure indulgence and vice possessing both good and evil that ultimately proved irresistible to the doomed couple.
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Top songs to get your groove on

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a special someone (or two, or three) or all by yourself, this Valentine’s Day the Daily Californian presents a list of tracks to keep it bumping in the bedroom.
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Justin Knight_Online

Social lubrication

In spite of much of the well-founded and necessary discourse surrounding the relationship between enthusiastic consent and inebriation, I often find that I have much more difficulty saying “no” when I’m sober.
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No more silence after sex

Closeness of skin, of bodies, became the tangible marker in my mind of how close my partner and I had become — intimacy had become a numerical and qualitative rubric for grading my relationship.
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