Is it just me, or did Christmas get skimpier?

cecila wong

O holy night, ‘tis the holiday season … the time when corporations throw out their best advertising masterpieces to fill your home with holiday cheer and, most importantly, the latest iPad. Housewives take advantage of the early bird specials, and students rush to pick up their end of the year
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Lana Del Rey, who began as a YouTube celebrity, is due to release her debut album ‘Born to Die’ on Jan. 30.

Del Rey’s persona fascinates

It’s not difficult to spot the influences of singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey. She has the pouty lips of the sultry Brigitte Bardot and her low, plaintive voice recalls the best of Nico. She’s a self-described “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” who seems less like a breath of fresh air than a transport
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Trigger Cuts Infographic

Trigger cuts further diminish UC budget

In 2011, the UC was rocked by a 9.6 percent fee increase and two cuts to state funding totaling $750 million, the most recent being a $100 million trigger cut, leaving the UC Board of Regents with a funding situation that has few popular remedies. This year, the UC will
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After the removal of Occupy Berkeley encampments, fences were put up around Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Downtown Berkeley.

Protestors plan after Berkeley park eviction

The Occupy Berkeley movement, which was evicted from Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park — its home for the past three months — Dec. 22, is at a stalemate, according to organizers. After more than three months of allowing the encampment, the Berkeley Police Department cleared the Occupy Berkeley
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Occupy Cal regroups after winter break

Occupy Cal is back. Last Tuesday evening, demonstrators held a general assembly meeting on the steps of Sproul Hall to discuss how to rally support for the movement, which garnered national attention during the fall semester. About 20 protesters discussed and planned Occupy Cal and Open University actions for the
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